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20/12/07 The Art of Love
Less than three months until Paul hits the stage as the poet Ovid in the play The Art Of Love. The play will be performed for three nights on February 14th, 15th and 17th at the Battersea Barge in London. So don't miss it!
Click here to see the flyer.

06/12/07 New live album!
For a strictly limited time only over at our download site ARKADE, you can now purchase 'i-TRACKS', an exclusive live and electric album, recorded during the epic 5th anniversary tour in 2005.
This is an eclectic selection of tracks which encompasses the set we all know and love today, including an amazing piano rendition of SINISTER, a 'jazzed-out' version of 8 DAYS and a rare performance of MY FATHERS BRIDE.
It also marks the debut of Andy Ellis on Guitar. From Belgium to the Borderline.... this is a chance to hear SOULSEC live and very Loud!
Paul's second album SELF DISCOVERY has been re-released and is also now available to download here at ARKADE.

27/11/07 New gigs
Soulsec will play at the White Hart in Calne on December 8th and at the Blackhorse pub in Kidlington on February 23rd. Click here for details.

31/10/07 More acting news
Paul will co-star in a ‘modern’ version if ‘The Art of Love’ directed by Tim Heath, with music by Peter Lewis during February playing the part of ‘Ovid’ to Adele Anderson’s ‘Corinna’. Adele is a member of ‘Fascinating Aida’.
The production will take place on the ‘battersea barge’ one of londons coolest nightclub/cabaret venues on the river thames. Nearest tube/br is Vauxhall station.

31/10/07 Oliver Twist update
Paul has started working with Ivor Novello winning composer Martin Phipps on songs for the BBC’s new adaptation of Oliver twist – see previous news piece – the ideas will be put in front of the BBC on Monday for approval.
“This is the most exciting thing I have done for a long,long time and Martin is a very interesting guy with some wicked ideas….. he seems very happy with what we have done and I have to say the first stuff sounds ace so I really hope it all goes well at the beeb and then we can do some more!”

26/10/07 New gigs
Several gigs have been added to the live page with the first one taking place on November 2nd in Chalfont St. Peter. Click here for details.

15/10/07 Oliver Twist
Paul is going to do a duet for the new adaption of Oliver Twist on BBC One on Christmas Day. Check out this link for more information.

08/10/07 Black In Town in Birmingham
The second Black In Town night leads Paul and Andy Ellis to the Walkabout in Birmingham supporting England Cricketer Vikram Solanki's Benefit Year. It will be a full electric gig featuring a similar set list as the 100 Club gig. Tickets will be £15 and can be orderd online via the following link or send an email to Tony Andrews for different payment methods. A limited number of tickets will be available on the door depending on availability. Click here for details.

08/10/07 Interview with Paul
Paul was interviewed for this month's 'Boys Toys' issue. Click here to read it.

01/10/07 Another gig at Esporta Riverside
Soulsec will retun to Northwood on November 10th. Check the live page for details. Also check out this link for a great video recording of their last performance at the Esporta.

28/09/07 New Live CD 'Untouched'
A recording of Soulsec's gig at the Plough Inn, Walthamstow in 2005 will be released on Monday October 22nd. Click here for details and order information.

28/09/07 Gig news
The gig on October 11th in Ripley has been postponed to October 25th. Soulsec will return to the Plough Inn on December 7th. Check the live pages for details.

28/09/07 Pictures, video and more
On the evening of the 26th Soulsec were invited to play a couple of songs at the Comedy Bunker. Harry Hill was the main act and was excellently supported by Russell Howard from ‘Mock the Week’. Check the gallery under Soulsec - Comedy Bunker for some pictures. Click here and here for tow excellent video clips on YouTube.
Paul has also been asked to try his hand at a main role in a play called ‘Bent’. The script is written by Martin Sherman and is being reproduced by a new promising director called Thomas Sutherland…. The plot is basically about the Holocaust and Paul is being considered for the part of Greta… a middle aged transvestite cabaret club owner in Berlin.
Not sure if anyone noticed Paul on ‘Hells Kitchen’ – a show he was interviewed for by ITV, but one which he turned down !!!...but you may have caught him munching a freebie on the same table as former Man United player Lee Sharpe.

04/09/07 Angel Inn gig
The new date for the Angel Inn gig is September 15th. Check the live page for details.

22/08/07 Angel Inn gig postponed
Due to Paul's commitment with Mephistopheles Smith in Edinburgh Sunday's gig at the Angel Inn has been postponed and will be re-scheduled for a later date.
Also the 100 Club CD is completely sold out.

21/08/07 Female First interview
Check out the following link to read an interview with Paul done by the internet magazine Female First.

24/07/07 Black In Town DVD & 100 CD
Many of you have been enquiring about the status of the DVD that was filmed at the 100 club back in March. Well, yes, the DVD is still coming out and is in fact in the final throws of editing as we speak. Hopefully we'll have a release date soon. It’s a cracking disc, and captures the emotions and atmosphere of the night beautifully. Watch this space.....
The 100 album is now SOLD OUT. (Those orders that have been received prior to todays date will still be shipped)
The album can still be downloaded via our Arkade site at

23/07/07 More pictures
Some photos of the gig at Esporta Riverside in Northwood have been added to the Talk Black folder in the gallery. Thanks to Paula French.

22/07/07 New pictures
Some pictures of the gig at the St. James Wine Vault in Bath have been added to the gallery under Other projects, Talk Black. Thanks to Dave Edwards.
Also check out this link for some pictures of Paul's performance as Mephistopheles Smith at Guilfest.

18/07/07 New Joff Winks Band CD
The Joff Winks Band (Brad Waissman's project) have released their new album 'Songs For Days' which is available on iTunes. Visit their website for further information.

15/07/07 Gig re-scheduled
The concert at the Bricklayers Arms has been re-scheduled from September 15th to the 22nd. See the live page for details.

05/07/07 Paul 'n' Furter?
Not quite... Paul is to play the lead part in Richard O' Brian's (Rocky Horror Picture Show) musical theatre production 'Mephistopheles Smith'. The show will be performed at 'Guilfest' (abridged version), three weeks at the 'Edinburgh Fringe Festival', Reading and then in Guildford again. Check out the website or MySpace for dates.
Some of Paul's acoustic performances will have to be re-scheduled because of this. Watch this space for further information.

22/06/07 100 Club CD sold out
Please be advised that the 100 CD has sold out. We are currently awaiting a second run of albums to be pressed/ delivered. Apologies to anyone who is still waiting on an outstanding order.
Also some more pictures of the gig at the Plough have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Paula French.

12/06/07 New gig, photos and bike race
Paul will play at the St. James Wine Vaults in Bath on Friday July 13th. The gig in Littlehampton has been cancelled. Please check the live page for details.
A few photos by Cheryl Davies have been added to the gallery and can be found in the folder 'other projects'.
Also Paul is going to take part in the London to Brighton bicycle race on June 17th. If you feel like donating some money at the moment, please consider the British Heart Foundation and help thousands of cyclists raising vital funds.

02/06/07 Paul in Victorian costume
Check the gallery 'Miscellaneous' for a few pictures showing Paul on the set of the BBC series 'The Cranford Chronicles'.

16/05/07 Gig news
Check the live page for more concert dates.

15/05/07 100
The CD of Paul's sell out show at The 100 Club is available from Monday 21st May,
and is now available to order via the Soulsec shop. Simply titled '100', this is a great
souveneir to a highly entertaining and emotional night.
The first 100 pressed will be a very limited edition double album - so first come, first served.
The album will also be available to download on our Arkade site from Monday.

12/05/07 More gigs and screen news
A few more gigs have been added to the live page. Click there for details.
Paul will appear in a nightclub scene in a major feature film called 'Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day' Frances McDormand (Fargo) due out in 2008 as well as in a new BBC series called 'The Cranford Chronicles' starring Judie Dench.
He is also writing a comedy stage act/show with a guy called Robert Blackwood. It is called 'Nibbles and Bingo's Mumbo Jumbo'' and is based around two modern men stuck in the 1930's.

11/05/07 Releases and new gig
Thank you all for your participation in letting us know the demand for the 100 Club live CD. It will be pressed and sold very soon and the DVD will follow as soon as possible.
Also Paul will play another acoustic Q&A gig on Saturday July 21st at the Esporta Riverside in Northwood. Click here for details.

12/04/07 Interview with Paul
There's an interview with Paul on the Punk77 website. It was done before the 100 Club show. Click here to read it.

03/04/07 100 Club live CD
The recordings have been sorted and a live CD from the 100 Club gig will be released very soon. Watch this space!

30/03/07 Soulsec at the Plough
Soulsec will play at the Plough on Saturday June 9th 2007. Click here to see the flyer.

24/03/07 Gig news
Soulsec will return to the Plough in Walthamstow soon. It will be an acoustic gig with a Q&A session, similar to the Comedy Bunker show.
The 100 Club gig was recorded and an audio CD will be released as soon as the recordings are sorted out.
Watch this place for details.

14/03/07 100 Club review
Click here to read a review of the 100 Club gig on the Strangled website. Also more photos have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Franck Martineau, Ann Marie Adair and Marc Cochrane.

10/03/07 100 Club photos
Check the Gallery - Other Projects for some pictures of Paul's 'Black In Town' gig at the 100 Club. If you took some pictures and you would like to see them in the gallery, please send an email to

03/03/07 Ticket misprint!
A small number of the tickets which have been issued for the Black In Town gig have a misprint on the front stating that the gig is on Wednesday the 7th. Obviously the gig is the following night - Thursday the 8th. If your ticket does have this misprint, please don't panic - it is still pefectly valid!

01/03/07 Review
Click here to read a review of Soulsec's gig at the Comedy Bunker in Ruislip. Thanks to Anthony Goodwin.

17/02/07 Interview
Click here for an interview with Paul (from the Hillingdon Gazette) leading up to the gig at The Comedy Bunker on February 28th.

11/02/07 End Games - A message from Paul
Read what Paul has to say about the album title, the meaning behind the songs and what the release of the album means to him at this point in his life.

07/02/07 End Games - Strategic Guide
Download a book accompanying the album which contains selected artwork and all the lyrics compiled by Phil Johnson.

31/01/07 END GAMES
It's finally here! After weeks (or is that months?) of patient waiting, the brand new Soulsec album is sitting in our distribution centre awaiting your orders.
END GAMES is Paul's first recorded work since his departure from The Stranglers - and his first since their 2004 album 'Norfolk Coast'.
Excluding last year's single 'Desert Soul', it's also the first Soulsec release since 'The Pressure Sensitive' way back in the Spring of 2003!
We are treated to 8 awesome new recordings, four acoustic re-workings, and of course 2 tracks from guest artist 'Arsine Tibe'.
We also get to hear Andy Ellis 'in the studio' for the first time, in what has to be one of the best albums Paul has written to date.

Click here to order!

Desert Soul
Sad Soft Lullaby
Can't Stop
Is Heaven Worth Waiting For?
Make Believe
Under The Stars
King Of The World
Soul Healer
Desert Soul
Under The Stars
Dawn At Night & Postcard Remix (by Arsine Tibe)

For those who can't wait for the CD to drop through their letterbox, the album is also available to buy online at
End Games will also be available on iTunes in about two weeks.

26/01/07 5 more days...
...until you can order the new Soulsec album "End Games" on this site.
The album will consist of eight new tunes (incl. Desert Soul and Sad Soft Lullaby), four acoustic songs and two 'guest' tracks by Arsine Tibé. Watch this space!

22/01/07 New album!
The new album will be released on Wednesday January 31st. It will be available via the shop on this site. So watch this space for further information!
Next to some new tunes the album will contain the new version of Postcard and Soul Healer from the same session. Also there will be a remix of Postcard as well as an original tune called "Dawn At Night" by Arsine Tibé.
Arsine Tibé is a solo-project of Manfred Thomaser, member of the electro-pop-band

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