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30/12/06 Interview with Paul
It's the end of the year again. Time to reflect on the bygone year and to make plans for the new one. Click here for a short interview with Paul.

23/12/06 Christmas surprise
We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you for your support in the past, present and future.
As a little gift for Christmas Chris Lammiman contributed video clips for two Soulsec songs. Click here to watch and enjoy. Thanks to Chris for sharing them.

08/12/06 Ruislip Flyer
Click here to see the flyer for the gig in Ruislip on February 28th.

04/12/06 Gig news
Soulsec will play in Rusilip at The Mill (Ruislip Golf Centre) on February 28th as an acoustic two or three piece. The set will include Soulsec and Stranglers songs. Also there will be a Q&A at the gig, so if there's anything you always wanted to know you get the chance to ask Paul in person.

11/11/06 Album news and more
Hello to you all.... O.K. The new album is well underway, and there are several tracks already in the can .
The electric 'Under The Stars', 'King of the World', 'I’m a Geddin’, 'Oh Lord' and 'Heatwave' now join 'Sad Soft Lullaby' and 'Desert Soul' on the disc – plus the brand new mix of 'Postcard', which most of you will already be familiar.
The whole thing is coming together nicely, but there have been many distractions along the way such as possible DVDs, endless meetings (yawn) and other gigs to organise etc etc...
It was our intention to release 'Sad Soft Lullaby' in October (thanks for the reminder Carl! haha! ), but we had to wait for the iTunes uploads which took much longer (nearly 10 weeks) than originally planned. We then had other offers put on the table which include a couple of major labels, and we would have been foolish not to look at them.... (and we still are)
We are trying to get airplay for 'Lullaby' and have a promise so that we can give it a try. Naturally we want to give the song the best chance we can.
Unfortunately, Christmas is on the way now too - so not a great time to release.......these things just take time & we do not want to release just for the sake of it.... Quality is very important to us! (Another thing is that as writer/engineer/mixer and musician, Paul has a lot of work on his hands, along with many other on-going situations and projects.
All being well, things should be sorted by the end of next week -17th november - so we will be able to let you know what is going on then.
Some might say to have options is a blessing - but sometimes it can be a hinderance... Paul really wants to get the music to you so please bear with us....
Many thanks for reading and taking an interest..... and watch this space!

08/11/06 'Black in Town'
Click here for the official press release note and the flyer for the show.

07/11/06 Soulsec on iTunes
The first three Soulsec albums 'Faith?', 'Self Discovery' and 'The Pressure Sensitive' are now available on iTunes. Additionally there is a new compilation called 'Singularities' with  some special live, demo and acoustic surprises. Search for Soulsec in the iTunes Music Store.

25/10/06 'Black in Town'
Paul will play a Stranglers farewell concert at the 100 Club in London on Thursday 8th of March 2007! This gig is meant to be a thank you to all the fans who showed their support to Paul following his departure from the band. John Ellis will join him on guitars, Brad Waissman on bass, Micky Sparrow - who used to play with Paul in a band called 'Discipline' - on drums and Tom Phelan on keys. The gig will be recorded for a DVD release and there might also be other merchandise. You can buy tickets here. There will be a press release in the week of November 6th with all the final and definite details.

17/10/06 Kroon Kat - Jazz and Comedy
Paul will appear at the Kroon Kat Lounge on Saturday 21st of October. Click here for the flyer.

17/10/06 The Antique Seeking Nuns
Brad plays in a band called The Antique Seeking Nuns. It's a spin-off of the Joff Winks Band and they've just released an EP called "Double Egg, Chips, Beans (and a Tea)". Click here to listen to some songs.

28/09/06 News bits
“Firstly, sorry for our sluggishness - we do have lives too!!! There has been a lot going on....we sincerely hope that you are all very well....”
The band’s still waiting on the iTunes upload – they are in a queue apparently. Paul says: "Well the English love a queue don't they ...??!"
The Soulsec song 'Great west code' is being used for rugby player Leon Lloyd for his testimonial year. The tune is accompanying Leon wherever he goes...ooooohh. Paul will also be appearing as a solo artist at the benefit 'end of year' dinner for Darren in December.
The MySpace interest has been very positive. Paul has had enquiries on another 'MySpace' account where he registered as himself. So if you try to become a friend on that page don't be surprised if you get no response. He has put both himself and Soulsec together on the site. He does not use the 'Paul Roberts' page. Hopefully that is clear-ish...???!!!
Any queries just contact us!
We hope that the single 'Sad Soft Lullaby' will go to radio at some point in October - so fingers crossed. The band is in the process of putting a DVD together for 'Sad Soft Lullaby' with Phil 'Awesome' Johnson.
The new Soulsec CD is half done and counting. The album is still scheduled for a late November release. As we said before the CD will contain acoustic and electric versions of tunes, a contribution from our friends in Germany and also a couple of solo performances/compositions by band-members.
As far as live work, the band will not tour until the CD is finished, unless something special comes up. They are also still planning another 'Solar Live' event.

28/09/06 More news
As if he doesn’t have enough on his plate already, Paul is working with Ashley Slater formerly of 'Freakpower' (with Norman-Fatboy Slim-Cook) to arrange their own 6-piece versions of some jazz standards. The material they rearrange will then go to Sony music for possible release next year.
This is in conjunction with the supper club band... which is just four/five weeks away from getting on-stage in Brightons' newest club, the re-vamped 'Hanbury Ballroom'. They will be there initially every Friday.
Paul will be joining the Brighton jazz/swing 7-piece band 'Kroonkats' (a totally separate project!) on-stage on Saturday October 21st at 'The Komedia' in 'The North Lanes Brighton'. Check out their website This is a regular once monthly 'cabaret burlesque' show - great entertainment. It sells out every time so get there/book early. Paul will do one song on the night and thereafter will join up as a regular 'turn'!!!!
We are waiting on some news re the DVD about Paul's 16 years in the Stranglers. We should know more by the middle of October. Previously a book with a DVD was mooted, but now it will be just a DVD. The content will be focussed on Paul's 16 years and will briefly cover each album he was involved in. It will contain his private footage taken all over the world in venues, about town, the tour bus and other interesting and occasionally hilarious aspects of his time in the band, starring all band members and crew… “including some unfortunate ‘music biz' people who were 'trashed' along the way”.
Paul said: "After being contacted by a handful of writers and companies I have decided that a book is far too austere and boring so this medium (DVD) being [I think] more accessible and easier to digest is the way to go. I originally just wanted it to be really a good laugh, but I have been told that I appeared from no-where and disappeared with no story - no explanation and I have done 16 years in one of Britain's most enduring legendary bands and apparently people want to know....hahaha......" More soon.
Paul is also still waiting on the BBC who took five show ideas away for this space.
Paul and Andy are appearing every month at the 'John Harvey Tavern' in Lewes. We were asked by a dedicated fan to put this info here it is.....covers and original material - including Johnny Cash -Eddie Cochrane and many more....just for fun tho'!!! For those interested in a good Saturday night drink and laugh....the next show is on October 6th. They will also be there on New Year’s Eve to see Paul's 30th birthday in...hhmmm..???!!!! eh? 30....?
Last but not least Paul would like to express continuing thanks for all the good wishes which keep coming...."It's really nice....really nice...!"

02/09/06 New releases
A new single titled "Sad Soft Lullaby" will be released in Britain in October following a nationwide press/ radio campaign accompanied by a 'lo-fi' video. The band's fourth album still to be titled is due to be released in November 2006.
Also the band has now a profile on YouTube. Check it out here.

02/09/06 New releases
A new single titled "Sad Soft Lullaby" will be released in Britain in October following a nationwide press/ radio campaign accompanied by a 'lo-fi' video. The band's fourth album still to be titled is due to be released in November 2006.
Also the band has now a profile on YouTube. Check it out here.

02/09/06 Chat transcript
Click here to read the transcript of the chat with Paul.

21/08/06 Webchat with Paul
Meet here for a chat with Paul on Wednesday 30th of August at 8pm UK time.

17/08/06 Acoustix Live next Wednesday
Doors open at 7:30pm. The show will take place in the Tavistock Room. Apart fron Soulsec Tim Stone, Joe Watkin, Civalized Tears and Martin James will appear on stage. Free entry.

26/07/06 Next web-chat
There will be another web-chat with Paul before the end of August. Also the band has recorded six songs for the new album which will be released at the end of this year.

25/07/06 A short update on what's going on
Soulsec should be available on iTunes from this or next week.
Paul is considering to take on more teaching at the ACM next year and he's exchanging ideas with the BBC about possible music/variety programmes.
Also there are talks about a distribution deal for the band's catalogue in Japan.

25/07/06 Bedford news
The running order of the performing artists will not be decided until the night. Paul is trying to make it a good time-slot for you travel-wise. The event starts at about 8:30pm.

17/07/06 Faith? is available again
A limited number of Paul's first album Faith? is now available again. Click here if you haven't got your copy yet. It's first come, first served!

17/07/06 Help to support the band
Soulsec now have a profile on Just like on MySpace you can listen to the music and get information about the band.
Additionally you can vote for Soulsec and therefore spread the word.
You must be registered to vote on, if you register after clicking on the vote button your vote will be added after registration.
Vote for Soulsec, by adding this band to your contact list at UK Bands.Net

23/06/06 MySpace
Soulsec are now part of the MySpace universe. Click here to visit the official Soulsec MySpace with four full length songs and soon the Postcard video clip.

21/06/06 New gig
Soulsec will return to The Bedford in Balham, London on Wednesday August 23rd 2006. Just like last year Soulsec will be sharing the evening with several artists and a four songs will be played.

13/06/06 Paul on Australian radio
On Tuesday June 20th Paul will appear for an interview on Stewie's Retro show on EarFM at 4pm local time.

11/06/06 Sad Soft lullaby
Click on the play button to listen to an excerpt of Soulsec's latest song Sad Soft lullaby.

07/06/06 New album
The band is trying to get the album done by October and Robbie Dunne is probably going to mix the other songs as well.

06/06/06 Future plans
A new song called "Sad Soft Lullaby" has just been mixed by Robbie Dunne.
There are plans for a second Solar Live event and Soulsec will reappear at The Bedford in Balham.
Another chat with Paul will be held in about four to six weeks and there will be another interview with Paul in Stewy's Retro show on Australian radio.
Further details will follow asap.

05/06/06 Chat logfile
Click here to read today's chat with Paul.

24/05/06 New chat date
The chat with Paul will take place on Monday June 5th at 8pm UK time.
Also there is talk about a video clip for the new Soulsec song.

29/04/06 Webchat delay
The chat with Paul has to be delayed for another week. It's going to be on Monday May 15th at 8pm UK time.

26/04/06 Webchat with Paul
The chat with Paul takes place on Monday May 8th at 8pm UK time. Click here to enter the chatroom.

11/04/06 Desert Soul delivery
The delivery problems have been sorted and you should get the single within this week.

02/04/06 Desert Soul excerpt
Listen to an excerpt of the song by clicking on the buttons below.

29/03/06 Delivery delay
To all those who have ordered 'Desert Soul', please be advised that we had a slight delivery delay and the release date had to be pushed back to today, so you'll have to wait a few extra days for the 'Single of the Year'. This was due to circumstances beyond our control.

27/03/06 Desert Soul
Click here to order the brand new Soulsec single Desert Soul!

26/03/06 Desert Soul interview
An interview with Paul about the single release has been added here

24/03/06 Desert Soul review
Click here to read the first review of the single.

23/03/06 Andy's questionary
Good things take time.... so here's the not so serious interview with Andy.

21/03/06 Desert Soul recording photos
Click here for some exclusive photos of the Desert Soul recording sessions in Paul's studio.

20/03/06 New single Desert Soul
'Desert Soul' will be available to order via the website from Monday 27th.
Desert Soul is a fantastic song, and marks a thumping return for the band. This has really been a labour of love for Paul, with catchy keyboards and some stunning guitar work (and there are quite a few guitars on this!) this is undoubtedly one of his best tunes to date.
The CD will include two specially recorded acoustic renditions of tracks from the new album, one being 'Desert Soul', and the other entitled 'Under the Stars'. Both these tracks have an amazing sound about them and are quite unique ( there's something quite 'Woodstocky' about them) - NOT to be missed.
Also included are live versions of 'SHY' and '8 DAYS' (from 'The Pressure Sensitive') recorded last November in Belgium.
Work begins on the new album next week.........

19/03/06 New single Desert Soul
Only one week left until the single is going to be released!
As you can see, the site has changed a bit matching the artwork (by Phil Johnson) of the single. Please refresh your browser to see everything correctly and report bugs to

14/03/06 Single release date
The Desert Soul will be released on Monday March 27th. Details will follow as soon as possible.

26/02/06 Postcard Chords
Click here if you'd like to play along to Postcard.

04/02/06 New single
A single called "Desert Soul" will be the next Soulsec release.  Recording starts on Monday.
The webchat has not been forgotten, but has to be delayed a bit longer.

16/01/06 Fan Interview
Click here to read the answers to your questions from October. Thanks for participating.

Related News

17/07/06 Notice board on Paul's departure
The notice board with all your messages can now be found here. It will be updated with all the missing messages from the guestbook eventually.

26/06/06 Gig tip
If you're into Jazz/Fusion go and see the Tim Bruce Trio at The Barley Mow in Shepperton on Saturday July 1st.

07/06/06 DVD and book
Paul is going to compile a DVD with all kind of stuff from the Stranglers tours in the tour bus etc. He's also going to interview the crew for this as they always had a big part in the whole thing. Either this DVD will be released before or together with the book.

Again Paul would like to thank everyone for the support and kind words from all those messages that are still coming in. He's absolutely overwhelmed by the numerous sympathetic comments.

06/06/06 Stranglers book
Paul will be writing a book to highlight his years in the band and to give fans the facts as he sees them concerning his departure.

06/06/06 Career plans
Paul is forming a 1938-45 vocal led swing band with Royal Academy trombone player Patrick Johns. They are trying to put together a 6-piece orchestra. Patrick also plays in a Ska band called The Dualers. The have a single out on June 12th which will be available at iTunes, HMV and Amazon.
Furthermore Paul has been offered to do a vocal school in the south by an established school in Manchester and he is teaching a master class at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.

06/06/06 Paul to coach Paddy Milner
Paul has been asked by the head of the record label "Bronze" to coach the new pianist/singer/songwriter Paddy Milner through his second album which is being put together in the studio where some of Written In Red was recorded.

04/06/06 Open letter from Paul
Click here to read a message from Paul regarding his departure from the Stranglers.

24/05/06 Paul at Apple seminar
On Thursday June 1st Paul is doing a seminar during the iLife demo days at the Dome in Brighton together with Chris Difford, Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) and several others. He's going to present how to do loops, noises and vocals.

22/03/06 La Vida Santana
22 pictures of their gig in Benfleet last Sunday have been added here.

24/02/06 Car crash
This is not excactly news, but it still might interest you. On December 19th at 3am after the Sheffield/Nottingham gigs Paul was involved in a serious road accident on the M25. The car ended up up-side down on the outside lane of the road facing the way he had come from on a blind section of the bend. Paul was lucky to be able to crawl out of the car through a window that had broken during the accident. Click here for some pictures.

08/02/06 Joff Winks Band single
On February 13th the Joff Winks Band (feat. Brad) will release their new single "Share My Blues". There will also be a gig in London on the day. Click here for further details.

08/02/06 Interviews with Paul
A few scans of old interviews with Paul have been added here. The files are pretty large, so it might take some time to download.

16/01/06 Press shots of Paul
10 new promotional photos of Paul have been added to the gallery and four picture by Paul have been added here.

15/01/06 La Vida Santana pictures
A few photos of LVS in Bilston have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Nick Round.

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