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22/12/05 Merry Christmas...
...and a Happy New Year to everyone!
Here is a new wallpaper for you as a littleX-mas gift: 1024x768 1280x1024

08/12/05 Chat with Paul
On Thursday December 22nd there will be a chat with Paul at about 8-9pm UK time.

07/12/05 Grateful
Tabs for Grateful have beenadded here. Thanks to Andy for help and patience.

24/11/05 8 Days
A new message board has been added to the Interactive section. There are a few new functions and it is now a lot clearer.

24/11/05 8 Days
The single can be ordered from now on. Click here for the order form. The delivery will be delayed for a bit.

23/11/05 Interview with Paul
In Zaventem Mark Van Dongen interviewed Paul after their show at the Hotel Z. Click here to read it.

22/11/05 Soulsec Gallery
There's been an update to the gallery. Check it out.

20/11/05 8 Days single
A few of the 8 Days singles in sleeves and cases are left over from the gigs in Belgium and will be sold through this site soon.
The gigs in Poland might happen in April 2006.

13/11/05 Belgium review and pics
Click here to read a review about the gig in Zaventem. Some photos from Zaventem and Kortenberg have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Maaike and Peter.

08/11/05 Belgium
A short reminder of the gigs in Belgium on Thursday and Saturday. Stage time is 9:30pm. Check the Live page for the venue location. Have a good time!

19/10/05 Eurosingle
The single 8 Days will be released on November 10th. Click here for details

05/10/05 Postcard DVD
It has been decided that the Postcard video will be used in another context and therefore released at a later date. Thanks for your interest.

04/10/05 Release for European gigs
There will be a CD that will be sold only at the gigs on the continent as a reflection of the band's ability.

29/09/05 Translation
Click here to read the translation of the Belgian article. Thanks to Maaike for this.

28/09/05 Press article
An article from the Belgian press advertising the shows in Belgium has been added here

20/09/05 Belgium gigs
There will be two gigs in Belgium in November. Click here for details. Stage time will be at about 9:30pm. There are plans for more gigs in Poland next year.
Also Paul would like to thank everybody who went to the gigs this year and pay his respects to Garry Hawkins who was on duty during the attacks in London this year.

20/09/05 Soulsec video clip
Some time ago the Stranglers light wizard James Reed did a video of Soulsec performing a completely new version of "Postcard"! This video will be released as a DVD soon. The price for the DVD including postage will be about £12. You can see an excerpt of the clip here. The file is about 5mb, so it will take some time to load if you don't have broadband.
If you're interested in buying the DVD please send us an email saying how many copies you'd like. Deadline for this is October 1st. A proper order form will follow later.

29/08/05 Oz radio appearance
Next Tuesday Paul will appear on Stewie's Retro show on the Australian radio station EarFM. Unfortunately you cannot listen to the show live on the net, but apparently you can download it a few days after it was broadcasted. Click on the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page.

12/08/05 New album covers
The change of the band name to Soulsec inspired Phil Johnson to redesign the covers of the albums Faith?, Self Discovery and Pressure Sensitive. Now they all feature the current name Soulsec on the front and back covers. You can download the images and print them out yourself. The files are on the album information pages in the Discography section.

31/07/05 Belgium gigs
The gigs in Belgium will be moved from October to November 10th-13h. The exact dates and venue information will follow asap.

24/07/05 Another gig in Belgium
In October there will be a gig in Zaventum which is just outside Brussels. Details will follow as soon as possible.

23/07/05 Chords and other things
From now on you can find chords and tabs in the Lyrics section. This is a long term project. New files will be added from time to time. Feel free to contribute your versions of the songs. Thanks to Andy Ellis for his patience!
Also the Live section has been changed a bit. Hopefully it's not too confusing. Andy's projects have been added.

29/06/05 Bedford gig cancelled!
...due to a sudden re-scheduling the Bedford show is now postponed.....we have no further information at present....sincere apologies to those who made plans to attend....the actual night is still happening for those who like a good night out!!! !

24/06/05 Bedford gig
On Thursday Soulsec return to the Bedford in Balham. Click here to see who else is playing. Show starts at 9pm.

12/06/05 Gig in Aarschot
Soulsec will return to Belgium in autumn. On October 22nd they will play the "Jeugdcentrum De Klinker" in Aarschot. Stage time will be approximately 9pm and they'll play for 45-60 minutes.

08/06/05 EarFM Interviews
As mentioned before Paul did two interviews with DJ Stewy on the Australian radio station EarFM. The first took place in August and the second in December. Click on the links to download the audio files.

05/06/05 Wallpapers
Thanks to Maaike you can now find a few wallpapers for you computer in the misc section of the gallery

20/05/05 Return to The Bedford
Soulsec are playing in one of their many guises on Thursday June 30th at The Bedford in Balham. Come down and see us perform a few tunes along with some other musical friends in the fantastic surroundings of The Ballroom - Tables can be reserved as demand is high for them - A cool night out for all and 2 hours of great acts...

17/05/05 Rockardinal
Photos of the event are up in the gallery. Also click here for Maaike's review

12/05/05 Rockardinal
Only three days left now. For those of you who didn't notice you can find directions, a map and stage times right here

20/04/05 Reviews
Click here to read three reviews by Ray Marshall and Phil Johnson about the gigs at The Bedford and at The Plough. Thanks for that!

19/04/05 Rockardinal
Click on the pic to see the poster for the festival. Also their website has been updated. Check it out...

19/04/05 Soulsec synopsis
Click here to read some words by Paul regarding the band's current activities and future plans. Including a tour diary of the latest gigs.

18/04/05 Soulsec Photos
Click here to see a few photos of the gigs at The Bedford and The Plough. I'd put up a review, but I can't find the time at the moment. So if anybody wants to write a few words, it's more than welcome!

17/04/05 Pics from Paul
More 'behind the scenes' pics have been added to the Soulsec Misc Galleries and there's another pic in the Misc Gallery

13/04/05 Concert details
The gig on Thursday is part of the event @coustix at The Bedford. It takes place in the Shakespearian Globe Theatre. Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 9pm.
Stage time on Friday at The Plough is 9pm. Please click on details to get information how to get to the venues.
Tickets for The Plough are available at the door.

05/04/05 Soulsec in Brussels
Only little more than a month now. Click here to get some more information about the billing and the location.

31/03/05 Soulsec on Australian radio
Soulsec get regular airplay on the Australian radio station EarFM which broadscasts to an area south of Sydney. Here's what the DJ Stewy says: "The songs currently on rotation on my show are Hard One, Sunset and All we Need off the "FAITH" CD. The Pressure Sensitive, 8 Days and Great West Code off "THE PRESSURE SENSITIVE" CD and off "SELF DISCOVERY", Dreams, Grateful, Soul Alive, self Discovery and my fav. off them all - My Fathers Bride - I just dig the haunting piano intro to that song. I play his solo music regularly on my show - the feedback is excellent from listeners."
Unfortunately the show is not a web broadcast yet. Thanks to Cheryl for the information!

24/03/05 Borderline photos
Click here to see the first pictures of yesterday's show at The Borderline. Thanks to Paula.

22/03/05 Gig on Friday postponed
Due to technical reasons the concert in Barnstaple on Good Friday has had to be postponed to later this year. Apologies to those who wanted to go.

16/03/05 Pictures
There are a few changes and additions in the gallery section. Take a look. All together there are 43 new pictures by Paul. For example four additions to the 5th France gallery. Enjoy.

10/03/05 Nottingham gig review
Click here to read Barry Spooner's review of the concert at The Golden Fleece in February

08/03/05 Borderline tickets
You don't need to pre book tickets for the conert. They will be available on the door. Doors open at 7.30pm

03/03/05 Soulsec gig
Soulsec will play at The Reform in Barnstaple on Friday March 25th. The band will perform as a three piece. Admission is free and stage time is ~9pm. The venue us very small so you might want to get there early

28/02/05 More pictures
... of Soulsec at the Golden Fleece have been added to the gallery. Thanks to Barry Spooner

27/02/05 Soulsec in Nottingham
More pics added to the gallery. Keep it coming ;)

26/02/05 Soulsec in Nottingham
Click here to see photos of Soulsec at the Golden Fleece. Thanks to Kenny and Keith

25/02/05 Soulsec in Nottingham
Yesterday Andy, Paul and Richard were invited as live guests in the Drivetime show on BBC Radio Nottingham.
You can download the interview with Paul, Andy and Richard here. The album version of Grateful was played at the end of the show, but there was no acoustic live session due to technical reasons.
The concert at the Golden Fleece afterwards was a success and Soulsec would like to thank Phil Johnson, Barry Spooner and Steve Greatoreaux for their help!

25/02/05 Song stories and tour diaries
The lyrics explanations for the last album The Pressure Sensitive are up in the lyrics section. Also Paul's tour diaries in the misc section have been updated. Now you can read a few words about Iceland and London in December too

19/02/05 Gig in Belgium
On Sunday May 15th Soulsec will play at the Rockardinal festival in Brussels at 6pm. It will be the first concert outside the UK which makes it an exciting event. The band will appear as a five-piece and the concert will be out-doors. According to the website the festival is free

18/02/05 BBC Radio Nottingham
Paul, Andy and Richard will appear on BBC Radio Nottingham's Drivetime show (5pm-7pm) as live guests and will also play a few songs on Thursday February 24th (evening of the concert).
Click here to listen to the show online

09/02/05 Borderline tickets
Click here to buy tickets for the 5th anniversary concert on March 23rd

05/02/05 Bull's Head gig review
Click here to read the review of Soulsec's concert in Barnes written by Anthony Goodwin

01/02/05 5th anniversary concert
Paul & Soulsec will be returning to The Borderline on Wednesday March 23rd, in London's West End, 5 years and a day since they played their first ever live gig at the same venue. Should be one hell of a party! Ticket details to follow shortly

29/01/05 Soulsec at The Golden Fleece
Soulsec will play an acoustic gig on Thursday February 24th at The Golden Fleece in Nottingham. Tickets will be £8 each

29/01/05 Gig at The Bedford
On Thursday April 14th Soulsec will be part of a small free festival at The Bedford in South London. There will be several bands playing about 2 songs each. Soulsec will play 4 songs. It's a small venue where you can drink and eat as well. The owner of the club is the guy who also ran the famous Kashmir Club in London. Click here for the map

25/01/05 Gig in Walthamstow
Soulsec will play at The Plough in Walthamstow on Friday April 15th

24/01/05 Video still
James Reed who also does the lights for the Stranglers is working on a video for the band for future release. Click here to see a still

19/01/05 Bull's Head pictures
Click here to see some photos of Soulsec on Monday 17th in the Bull's Head London

19/01/05 Saturday concert
The gig at the Boom Boom Club this Saturday has been postponed until March. The band couldn't have played as a five-piece and don't want to play just for the sake of it. So there'll be another date in March when they can do a proper gig

14/01/05 Competition!
And the winners are... Find out here

11/01/05 Barnes gig
Stage time on Monday will be 8:30pm. There won't be a support act. Click here for a map

04/01/05 Competition!
Win two official Stranglers tourbooks from Paul. Click here for details

04/01/05 Gig in Sutton...
Soulsec will play the Boom Boom Club in Sutton January 22nd (Saturday)

Related News

26/12/05 Nottingham pictures
Cheryl's photos of the Stranglers in Nottingham and Paula's photos from SBE have been added to the gallery.

21/12/05 Andy Ellis` website
Andy has launched a major update to his website AREmusic. You can finda lot of information on his projects besides playing with Soulsec. Go check it out!

08/12/05 SBE Pictures
Click here to see pictures of the Stranglers' London show last Friday.

05/12/05 Shepherds Bush Empire
Click here to read Anthony's review of the Stranglers' gig in London. Photos will follow soon.

08/11/05 Waterboys Ireland Tour
Five Dates in March added to the Live page

28/08/05 Waterboys live album
The release date of "Karma To Burn" has been delayed till Monday September 26th due to artwork complications.

12/08/05 Various updates
Dates for the Waterboys und for Abbo have been added to the live page.
You can read a few words about Abbo here.
Two pictures of Paul in Pont Audemer have been added to the Various gallery.

26/07/05 Roadbreakers
Pictures and soundclips have been added to the Roadbreakers page.

24/07/05 Roadbreakers and more
Finally we've got some information about the Road-Breakers, the release of the album "Big Road Blues Live" and how you can get it. Click here for details. Hopefully there'll be some song excerpts soon too.
The Misc section has been redesigned and there is a new section where side projects of the guys will be introduced.
Paul has been asked to perform at a festival of New Wave music featuring singers from several bands. They each do three of their favourite New Wave tunes with a "house band".
Also he has been asked to do a master-class at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford. Details will follow soon.

23/07/05 Waterboys live album
The Waterboys release their live album "Karma To Burn" on Monday September 12th. The songs were recorded during their tours of Britain and Ireland in 2003 and 2004. The album features Richard Naiff on piano.

17/07/05 Stranglers in Halle
Click here for more pictures from Halle... The other one today.

16/07/05 Stranglers in Halle
Click here for pictures from the gig in Holland. Read Anthony's review here

19/05/05 Stranglers
Four Stranglers dates added here

18/05/05 Then Jerico pic
The entry below is a mistake. The guy on the pic is not Paul. Sorry for that

18/05/05 Then Jerico
A photo of Paul on stage with Then Jerico from about 1990 has been added to the misc gallery

01/05/05 Richard on tour
Richard will play a few gigs with Ian McNabb. Click here for the dates

19/04/05 Info on Brad's projects
Brad and his band ‘The Funky Lowlives’ are launching their debut CD on May 7th in Rome… This is a dance/mixing project. You can go to the website Also there is a single out shortly with ‘The Joff Winks Band’… Publishing deal is signed… Air-play on Radios 1-2-6 and XFM… Website is but the site is still under construction… This is well cool stuff so go check it out…

31/03/05 Waterboys on tour
Four concerts added to the Waterboys live section

21/03/05 5 out of 5 stars
The April edition of the British guitar magazine 'Total Guitar' features a review of Andy Ellis' Xtreme Acoustic Guitar tuition book. Click here to read the review. Congratulations!

20/03/05 Vinnie
Click here for some information about Vinnie. Thanks to Cheryl for the link

08/03/05 La Vida Santana
Five dates added to the gig list

03/03/05 Vinnie on tour
Vinnie will be touring with Mel C from April 15th for one month

28/02/05 La Vida Santana
New gig added here

25/02/05 Stranglers gigs 2005
Click here to see many new gig dates

09/02/05 Iceland photos
Click here for some photos of the Stranglers in Reykjavik In December 2004

12/01/05 mp3 Interview with Paul
Click here to listen to a 20 minutes interview with Paul done in March 2004

11/01/05 Stranglers gig
The Stranglers will headline the Birmingham Academy Event on Sunday May 1st

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