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22/12/04 Merry Christmas...
...and a Happy New Year to everyone! Here's something not so serious for you. Click here to read a questionary with Paul.
Thanks to Maaike for the wonderful picture on the start page

20/12/04 Webchat
Click here to read the logfile of the chat with Paul

20/12/04 Webchat
Don't forget the chat tonight at 8pm UK time

18/12/04 Soulsec rehearsals
"I did two rehearsals with Andy and he sounds absolutely brilliant.............we need some shows in europe!!!! erm and some more in U.K......x"

06/12/04 Name change
No you don't need to get your eyes checked. There's indeed another name change as there is another band with the name Electrascope who intend to write and tour under that name again.
The band had another name just in case which is Soulsec - a combination of English and French. From now on you'll find this webpage under Please update your bookmarks.
You didn't really expect it to be final did you?

06/12/04 Webchat
There will be a webchat with Paul on Monday December 20th at 8pm UK time. Please check if the chat system works for you before the day and contact us if it doesn't

23/11/04 Jam CD
Please note that the CD Jam has now sold out

21/11/04 Wrong Connection
The release date for the Wrong connection single is December 1st. It can be preordered here

18/11/04 Wrong Connection
The Wrong Connection single should be ready to be rereleased by the end of the Stranglers french tour. More details soon

17/11/04 Interview
Click here to read an interview with Paul about the recent changes regarding the band

12/11/04 DVD Liner Notes
Visit Power Signal Box to download the creation report for the DVD Tracks - Days of View as an inlay

04/11/04 Changes
A lot has been going on lately.. a new guitarist has joined the band, a DVD has been released, there has been a final name change to Electrascope and also the website has changed... take a look around... there are some new things, some new old things and I hope there'll be a lot more soon. The further developement of this place depends on you as well... so please send us reviews, pictures, suggestions and whatever you can think of... Have fun! Alex

04/11/04 Electrascope gig
(billed as the Faithband) in London on January 17th 2005. Click here for further details

28/10/04 Wrong Connection single
The Wrong Connection single will be re-released as a 3" picture disc in a sleeve. The cover artwork will be the same as on the 5" single cover. Check progress here

19/10/04 Tracks artwork story
Watch a slide show about the development of the DVD cover artwork on Phil's site

17/10/04 New DVD to be released on Nov. 1st
The DVD Tracks - Days of View featuring highlights from the second night at the Kings Head, Fulham 2003, the acoustic MP3tv sessions with Paul & Baz and a huge selection of clips from various gigs since 2000 can be pre-ordered now. More details here

30/09/04 Interview with Paul
You'll find it in the Misc section

25/09/04 Chat fact sheet
▪ Paul is working with the 28 years old guitarist Andy Ellis, he will play acoustic and electric guitar
▪ The Faithband will be re-named to the Paul Roberts Band
▪ There might be some concerts in December
▪ Paul recorded Postcard, Soul Healer and Shy as a three piece with drums, piano and bass
▪ The DVD Tracks - Days Of View features live clips between 2000 and 2003

Related News

28/12/04 France diary
Paul's France Diary is now finished and there are a few more pictures in the Nice gallery and the Stranglers Fans on tour gallery

19/12/04 France pics
Last bunch of pictures uploaded to gallery 5

18/12/04 France pics
Last gallery with 20 of Paul's pics added. 20 more will follow tomorrow

17/12/04 France pics
Twenty more pics added to gallery 4

16/12/04 Spelling for fun
On Monday December 27th Paul will take part in a spelling test for popstars on BBC Radio 2 at 1pm UK time. You can listen to Radio 2 online here

16/12/04 France pics
Click here to see 20 more of Paul's pics in the 4th gallery

15/12/04 France pics
Twenty more added to the last France gallery

14/12/04 Australian interview
The interview found place this morning, but unfortunately the radio station didn't provide Paul with any details so we don't know what it is and where to find it

14/12/04 SBE review & France photos
Click here to read Phil Johnson's review of the SBE gig. New gallery with Paul's France pix added here

13/12/04 Sheperds Bush Empire
Gallery added here. Review by Phil Johnson will follow tomorrow

13/12/04 France pics
20 more pics added to the last gallery. Click here

09/12/04 France pics
Next gallery added here

09/12/04 Tour Diary
Paul's France Tour Diary updated with photos...

08/12/04 France pics
20 more photos added to Paul's Tour de France Gallery. There are many more... will upload 20 each day (except for this weekend of course) so watch this space...

06/12/04 Radio interview
Paul will do a live interview on Australian radio on December 14th. More details soon

06/12/04 Total Rock
Scans of the article from the Australian magazine Total Rock added here.
Thanks to Cheryl

01/12/04 Nice photos
Pictures of the Stranglers in Nice up here

21/11/04 Tarbes pictures
Photos of the concert in Tarbes added to the Stranglers galleries. Thanks to Anthony Goodwin

20/11/04 France pictures
Four more gigs added to the Stranglers galleries

17/11/04 Boulogne pix
More photos added to the Boulogne gallery

15/11/04 France Diary
Next part of Paul's France Tour Diary is up here. Photos coming soon...

15/11/04 Boulogne photos
Click here to see pictures of the Stranglers in Boulogne. Thanks to Frederic Tourlouse

14/11/04 France Diary
Click here to read the first part of Paul's France Tour Diary

08/11/04 Stranglers in France
See the Tour de France through Paul's eyes. Click here

07/11/04 Sydney pictures...
...some photos Paul took in Sydney added to the Stranglers in Australia gallery

05/11/04 Boarding passes...
...and other tickets and cards added to Australia and Canada diaries

04/11/04 La Vida Santana gig
On December 23rd 2004 in The Brook in Southhampton

27/10/04 Rage
In Sydney JJ, Baz and Paul did the video show Rage where they picked 40 videos and talked about them. Watch an excerpt online here

27/10/04 Stranglers gigs
The Stranglers now completed their short tour of Australia and Canada. They were well received and are hoping to return next year. They are now about to start a major tour of France

23/10/04 Melbourne and Sydney photos
Click here and search for Stranglers

22/10/04 Canada Tour Diary
Paul's Canada Tour Diary is up here

16/10/04 Australia Tour Diary
Read Paul's impressions of his time down under. Click here

10/10/04 Live Clips
Stormin' the Castle review with pictures and three live recordings. Click here

15/09/04 Below The Bridge feat. Paul & JJ
Listen to the song Ordinary World with Paul on vocals here. The other songs are worth listening to as well

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