The Stranglers - About Time

Golden Boy

This is the story
Of a poor man's son
He pulled himself up
Turned his face to the sun

He burned up the world with a heart on fire
And tempted the stars when they hid their light

Now everyone wants to touch the golden boy
Now everyone wants to touch the golden boy

They made melody
To support his word
He's the new high priest
Of the scene and herd

They sanctified Sid
Till he puked up his life
A prick for an idol
What a very strange sight

Now children are weeping
In a hundred towns
The spitfire word
Shot the pilot down

They shoved a rag
Down the golden throat
And put up a column
Where the poor dog choked


Don't get too close now but don't stay too far
See I need you here when inclined to clear the
Head and redefine
Spend a day in my life
You talk about money do you need to advertise
Can you see me laughing
This is no easy ride

And I walk and I talk I'm alive
And I walk and I talk I'm alive am I am I

You get a little closer but won't stay too long
You can take my bread for a life any place
Help me out of my chair
Did you think it was funny talking money money
Those reptile eyes
Can you see me laughing
This is no easy ride

Think of all the money with a lad and a girl
Get yourself a home loch the door get along
Get it up try your fucking luck get a dog
Take a walk what's your point you've played your hand

Money money
Call it anything you want and I won't care
It's all you think about it's money mother

"Money. What would you give for a million quid? Your limbs? Your kids? Your life? I saw a newsclip of a (paraplegic) woman who had received a "record" amount in damages for an accident, and at a press conference, a gloating hack made the incredible statement, "It must feel great", to which the unfortunate woman replied, "I'd give up my money for your life any day".


Woke up on a Sunday cloud
Never noticed all the rain
Felt the sun behind the shades
Wanted you to take my blood but
Sunk into an empty place
Pulse was gunning through my brain
Felt you underneath my skin
Wanted to bind my hands
But you walk by with all I had
And I lie where it all began

You're all that's gonna save me now (x 3)
Broke up under summer's haze
My pieces falling everywhere
Felt your sun upon my frame
So strong I couldn't stand the pain
Thought about a Wednesday child
Felt the bullet in my back
Dreamt my hands around your face
Wanted you to waste my life
But you walk by where I still stand
And so I cry 'cause I'm a man

And the face I want to see
Is the face I want to be

Face. Sister of "So Easy", really ("Faith?" album, 12.11.99)........old romantic finds perfect love with a teenager, but the inevitable happens after a couple of years, and she grows up basically. He's left to pick up his life.


Just like sinister she's going where the winds blow
Just like sinister she's going where the weak field glows
That's right heavenly blue she'll sing songs of sad day to come

Just like sinister she'll go where the heartbeat
So sinister moving with streamline grace
That's right heavenly blue she'll paint empty beaches black skies

She got you fried to the back teeth
Head hanging down
She got a needle in your eye boy
See all the blood running now

You're rolling on empty tracks
Not going to rest in peace
Won't let you fall through the cracks
Get off the ghost train

And you give all your love to her
Then she throws you away

Just like sinister she's going where the wind blows
So sinister she'll keep you warm keep you cold
Get your money well spent
Like heavenly blue she'll paint empty beaches black skies

I don't care what she says or where she's been
Such a sad decoy

Sinister. (Title and verse chords taken from an "R&B" idea of John Ellis', originally.) An ode to heroin, the drug that leaves you stranded in paradise until she leaves. Addicts are not the animals most people think they are. Weakness is easy, we cannot all be strong.

Still Life

While standing naked at the window watching the night
The thunder crashing all the lightening and the rain
I wondered if I could or even if I should
Attempt to see you or be with you ever again

Your smile is painted on a thousand faces

Still lying in my mouth still blowing through my hair
My legs are strong but they won't carry me away
Keep hiding sheets of lead what's that the things you said
While eyes are heavy they won't promise me to sleep

Your smile is painted on a thousand places
What of me now as I fade still life goes by

Cold sweat you haunt my skin
Your fingers echoing your name is written here in blood of life of sin?
Still burning on my bed your light goes out I'm dead
Who says the heads the law has nothing left to break

Your smile is painted on a thousand dreams I can't forget

What of me now as I fade still life goes by
What of me now here I stay and still life goes by

Still Life. (1st verse lyrics written by JJ Burnel.) When I was travelling in South America, I stayed on a jungle island with some Guyanese/Indian girls and their mother in their hut. One of the girls was very academic, but just ended up catching fish in an old can everyday, to feed the family - and my friend and I - and cooking, sleeping, working and praying. My travelling companion eventually offered to marry her and take her home. Instantly her mother turned into a happy, smiling, grateful mother (these people fed us on fish and roti (roti is a type of Asian Indian bread, kinda bland. I first experienced it in Trinidad, w/a big Indian population. It's mainly used in place of flatware. Thanks to Paul Pappas for that! C.i.B.), and went without. Their generosity was like nothing I've ever known). However, we never got back to the island. I felt so totally helpless, and told my friend he should have made NO promises and, indeed, should - and could - have made the time and effort to return for her.

She Gave It All

One night south of Holborn
Met a cute diversion there
Death in red light heaven
Found a place inside my cards

She gave it all to me
She gave it all to me

Inside up down side out
The search for meaning so profound
I say go she says let's
Biter twisting to the ground

I said stepping on a moving train without home
I'll dig a hole meet you where stars surround
Won't be used again

Day is fear black is light
Watch the hours whisper by
One foot in the alley
One foot in the gutter old friend

Stepping on a moving train without home
I'll dig a hole and meet you where the stars surround
I've had enough of the ball I want it set in stone spirit broke
Give me any name she'll take the same give us home!

Won't be used again

Night creeps on the lowlands
Haunts the strangers in the dark
Silent scream has come to speak of
Whispers in the past
City ate their hearts

She Gave It All. We experience many things in our lives, but some people aren't happy until they've lived "on the edge". I love the seedy parts of a town/city, I really don't know why. It seems when you are comfortable it's just too cosy. This is possibly another facet of an "addictive" personality?!? Oh, and the lyrics were printed incorrectly on the sleeve.

And The Boat Sails By

I have heard the bell
In the tolling of the waves
And I have heard the moon
Making love to the stars

Keep your eyes on
Blue horizons
I'll be your driver
I'll find a pearl for you

And the boat sails by
Under crimson skies
Golden children play
As we sail away
Away away away

Put your ear to the shell
Can you hear me call
You cannot hide behind
The curve of the earth

Keep your eyes on
Blue horizons
Cool wind blow me home to you


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