Soulsec - 5, 4, NOW!

  1. Breathless
  2. Rains
  3. God (new acoustic arrangement)
  4. Back In The Night
  5. Shine

As promised, the brand new EP from Soulsec is release on Monday 15th December, and is now available to order. This fantastic enhanced CD features 4 exclusive new tracks, a reworking of Paul's first single and (for the very first time) the full video for Postcard.

First up on the disc is 'Breathless', a cracking rock tune graduating from the 'Desert Soul' / 'Heatwave' school. This is followed by the haunting ballad 'Rains' and the acoustic reworking or 'God', which has featured in the live set of late. 'Back in The Night' is the bluesy Dr. Feelgood cover which we guarantee you'll be humming for bloomin' ages!. Finally, to round things off, we have 'Shine' - a 'Zeppelin-esque' classic with pumping bass line and catchy chorus - a tune which needs to be played very loud indeed!

Also included is the long awaited release of the full video for 'Postcard' which was made way back in 2005. The video was produced by Stranglers light wizard James Reed and features Richard Naiff on piano, Brad Waissman on double bass and Vinnie Lammi on drums.