Paul Roberts - States of Play

'BACK TO FRONT' regenerates into 'STATES OF PLAY'

As you may recall, last years compilation package 'Back To Front' fell victim to the demise of Pinnacle Entertainment and it's associatiates.

The release got 'lost' within all legal hum-drum and, despite numerous efforts, it looked increasingly like it would never see the light of day......

HOWEVER, we are now delighted to annouce that finally, after much hard work, 'Back to Front' is back!!!! .... albeit in a new guise....

Thanks to new label 'Lumi Entertainment', 'Back to Front' has regenerated into an amazing limited edition double album entitled 'States of Play' (the name given to the highly successful tour of the USA earlier this year) and will be available to buy/order via Amazon,, iTunes on-line etc.(as well as selected high street retailers too), from 17th AUGUST 2009.

(A small number will hopefully be made available via our store in the not too distant future also)

A compilation package showcasing the very best of Paul's work since 1999, 'States of Play' includes Paul's first ever solo single 'God' and covers every album up to, and including 'End Games'. It is also Paul's first 'official' release - which is all very exciting!

The track listing has undergone a slight change too, with the brilliant 'Breathless' & 'Shine' from last years '5,4,NOW!' also making the final cut.

Completing this rather gorgeous package is a special (live) bonus disc featuring selected tracks from the 'Black in Town' gig at the 100 Club in 2007, and featuring John Ellis on guitar.


BARCODE NUMBER : 5060204780004

  1. Wrong Connection
  2. Breathless
  3. Can't Stop
  4. New Mourning Town
  5. Under The Stars
  6. Great West Code
  7. Postcard
  8. Fried
  9. 8 Days
  10. Is Heaven Worth Waiting For
  11. Sad Soft Lullaby
  12. God
  13. Shine
  14. Shame Of The Father

  15. Bonus:
  16. 8 Days (Live)
  17. Still Life (Live)
  18. Paradise Row (Live)
  19. Sinister (Live)
  20. Daddy's Riding The Range (Live)
  21. Mine All Mine (Live)
'It was very hard deciding which tracks should appear on this disc, as the quality of the back catalogue is so high. It was tough dropping the epic 'Desert Soul' and the classic 'Chasing Rainbows' for example [the latter usually being the Soulsec set openner], however, the final 14 tracks flow together really really well, and the whole ensemble sounds really top drawer. It's a brilliant package!" Phil J

"This is a great thing for us, and my apologies for the lengthy delay in getting it sorted! Well done to all those involved tho, and a massive thanks to Marcello at Lumi!" Paul R

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