Paul Roberts - Back To Front

  1. Wrong Connection
  2. Can't Stop
  3. New Mourning Town
  4. Under The Stars
  5. Great West Code
  6. Postcard
  7. Fried
  8. 8 Days
  9. Is Heaven Worth Waiting For
  10. Sad Soft Lullaby
  11. God
  12. Shame of the Father
  13. (Bonus) Postcard - Acoustic

The 15th of December 2008 sees the release of BACK TO FRONT, a compilation package showcasing the very best of Paul's work since 1999. It will be Paul's first 'official' release and will be available to buy/order via outlets such as Amazon &, as well as selected high street retailers too. Released via Landmark Entertainment ( 74652, Barcode Number : 5060 13374652 2), BACK TO FRONT includes Paul's first ever solo single 'God' and covers every album up to, and including 'End Games'. Also included, as an added bonus, is an alternate version of the acoustic 'Postcard' (the original having appeared on 'Endgames') featuring backing vocals by Rusty King.