Soulsec at The Bedford, London 23/08/06 by Becky

Paul’s first outing since his departure from the Stranglers was a very low key affair. Soulsec had been invited to play at an acoustic event in Balham and, initially, were going to play only 4 songs. Thanks to a late cancellation however, they were able to slip an extra two in for good measure. It was great to see Paul. He was looking very relaxed and certainly hasn’t lost any of his trademark banter with the fans. Although the venue only held a small number of people, it was obvious that the bulk had turned up especially to see Paul & the band perform. The songs were as follows:

DESERT SOUL – Wonderful when played acoustic, just like on the CD. 9/10
POSTCARD – As usual, this ‘classic’ was spot on, and gets better each time its played. 8/10
LADY GRINNING SOUL – Richard was absolutely awesome on this. I love this live and thought Pauls vocals were fantastic 9/10
SINISTER – Well, for me, THE highlight of the night. Paul’s greatest Stranglers moment. A mammoth of a song, performed here with absolute precission (and some!) by all the band. It sounded amazing – and reminded me of what many of us will miss from all the forthcoming Stranglers gigs. You could say it was quite emotional! Quality – and got the biggest cheer of the night! 11/10
SAD SOFT LULLABY – The new/next single. I love this track, and if you haven’t heard it, go listen on the MySpace site. The band faltered abit with this (obviously having limited time to rehearse) but covered the miss-fires well. I think in time, once honed, this will be stunning live ... 7.5/10
UNDER THE STARS – as with Desert Soul, this was superb and just like the version on the CD. This was only marred by the microphone cutting out on some of the vocals which was a shame. Nevertheless, a great ending to a quality set! 8.5/10

I hope we don’t have to wait too long to see and hear Paul again. I’m guessing we’ll see more towards the end of the year...
Before Sinister Paul said “This is a song I wrote for the Stranglers..... I hope they appreciated it”

Well, we certainly did Paul...... and that’s what counts


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