THE BEDFORD – 14/04/05

From the outside, The Bedford looks like any other pub in southwest London.
On the inside, The Bedford looks like any other pub in southwest London.
But it’s not……

Very much like the Fancy Dress shop in Mr. Benn, go through the door at the back of the changing room, and you’re in a whole different world….

When you pass through the doors at the back of the Bedford, you find yourselves in this marvellous dark wooden room with a small stage set to one side. Tables and chairs are crammed into the small space before it, as are those on the balcony which circles the whole room which, incidentally, is round itself. The rear of the stage is draped in deep blue velvet and is perforated with small white lights, designed to give the impression of stars. . . and is very effective.
It’s evocative of the famous Globe Theatre, and is an amazing venue. One which I hope the band will return to in the future.

Soulsec were partaking in the ‘@coustix’ festival, and were down to perform 4 songs either side of the interval. (a wise move from Mr. Roberts, as this meant we could all leave a bit earlier than usual!)

Another solid performance from the boys, with Postcard going down a storm with the regulars.
The sound and acoustics in this place were superb, and the 4 song set was over before I knew it. I longed for the guys to keep going and play some more…..
But then from nowhere the shopkeeper appeared and it was time to go….

Bugger! I hate it when he does that!

The songs played were: Lady Grinning Soul, Shy, Postcard and the ‘jazzy’ version of 8 Days.

Phil Johnson

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