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Questionary with Paul

What did you want to grow up to be?
 in a band
 What were you like at school?
 erm i started off really well and apparently was capable of i
 turned the upper years on, haha
 Your childhood hero?
 muhammad ali
 What was the first record you ever bought?
 join together - the who
 What was the first concert you went to?
 santana at hammersmith odeon supported by the amazing earth wind and
 fire... i was twelve and my older friend worked part time in the kings road
 and the crew went shopping at the store and invited him!!! we entered at the
 stage door. it was an amazing night not only cause one of the two EW&F
 drummers went up in the air and spun around but also carlos brought eric
 clapton on too!!
 Your first band?
 atomic mushroom!! actually with the guy i mentioned above.
 Your first time: What was her name? How was it?
 janet hardy...a fumbling mess (i was twelve)... erm not that good - it got
 better though so i practised for another thirty years!!!!!
 Your first car (that you paid for yourself)?
 a ford capri gl wow!!!
 Which living person do you admire the most (and why)?
 muhammad ali again.... physically, mentally and spiritually to me the man
 cannot ever be matched but not only that he touched my heart in a way i
 cannot describe.. i always knew even as a small child that here was a very
 special man... a leader and possibly one of Americas only true
 heroes.... there is a quote by rod stieger that sums up precisely what i
 mean... find it and you will understand.
 Which person do you never want to meet again?
 too many to mention
 Which natural gift or talent would you like to have?
 play piano beautifully.. like richard
 Your favourite pastime?
 Your favourite colours?
 aquamarine and cobalt blue
 What was your biggest mistake?
 not studying enough when i was at school
 What is your favourite method of wasting time?
 smoking pot and playing scalextrix
 Do you rather have 500 or 5,000 sound carriers at home?
 erm what???
 What would you describe as the most personal object in your flat?
 my fathers 1945 diary
 What calms you down the most?
 a warm embrace, my dog and seeing people hurting
 Where do you get your energy from?
 my mother and an absolute lust for life
 Your secret passion?
 Which polite gestures are you particularly good at?
 welcoming people and including them...sharing...and i have very good
 manners (well brung up!)
 When was the last time you cried and why?
 i last cried when i saw the girl from the live aid video appear as a woman
 on tv the other night (the 6th dec-ish) was a stunning thing,,, 20 years
 ago we watched her father holding an apparently dying child and through live
 aid she is a now a beautiful woman....the most lovely tv i have ever seen.
 What do you consider to be the worst thing that could ever befall you?
 losing my son
 Where would you like to live?
 overlooking the ocean
 What is home for you?
 tea a fire a studio and lots of music... a good woman and a lurcher or
 two.. with my friends just around the corner!!
 What would paradise on earth be for you?
 erm raquel welch and a hit for Soulsec oh and great food every day...and the
 ability to go anywhere in the world in half an hour..............
 Which mistakes are you willing to forgive most readily?
 Which male characteristics do you value the most?
 humiliation, strength, politeness, paternal instinct and soul/character
 Which female characteristics do you value the most?
 beauty, maternal instinct, strength and softness and character......
 (oh little waists,big breasts and small ankles...haha)
 Use five words to describe yourself!
 up generous caring childish hyper
 What do you cherish most about your friends?
 that they like me and are my friends
 Your worst flaw?
 Your favourite beach?
 the beach in Sagres which is in Portugal south west corner .........
 Your favourite food?
 any seafood really and pasta or any thing my girlfriend cooks
 The best dish you prepared yourself?
 a dish made with mozzarella - bresaola- tomatoes- garlic and olive oil... all
 baked in an oven mmmmm!
 Your favourite drug?
 Your favourite writers / books?
 Iain Banks and lots of others!!
 Your favourite character in a novel?
 Billy in 'Kestral for a knave'
 Your favourite movies?
 Kes, Toy Story, 2001, Blues brothers....many more too!
 Your favourite historical figure?
 no idea
 What is your favourite line from the Bible?
 ....go forth and multiply....
 Can you quote a line from a poem?
 Your favourite painters?
 Howard Hogkins, Eduard Munch, Dali, Mark Rothko, any of the pre -
 raphaelites, Franz Marc (spelling?) and more...
 Your favourite composers?
 Prokofiev, Debussy, Elgar, Poulanc............
 Is it “pleasing” to imagine that someone might cry over one of your songs?
 oh and art are for the senses and emotions.
 What can you be seduced by?
 inspiration, skill, artistic interpretation and intelligence!
 What is the worst record that you have been in part responsible for?
 a song called 'something’s pushing me' by the olympic smiles.............yuk
 The best piece of heckling from an audience?
 any heckle is part of the show so i dont have a best .. it is the reply i
 look forward to the most look out you would be twats!!!
 Have you ever felt lonely whilst on a big tour?
 you always get lonely on tour- it is inevitable .. i have a family and many
 friends that i miss
 Which other occupation other than musician would you consider?
 ooh dunno.... a craftsman of some kind
 The high point of your career so far?
 a hit single
 And the low point?
 no hit single!
 Name the 10 most influential records in your life:
 The five best concerts you’ve seen?
 Led zep at earls court 1975...
 Lynyrd skynrd hammersmith odeon oct 1976 and the following week nov 5...
 Santana hammersmith odeon 1972.....
 AC/DC at reading in 1976...their first big show in the U.K. ............heavy huh! hahahaa
 What would be in your room 101?
 Louis Walsh...arguably the most annoying no-nothing arse that ever claimed
 to know about music and anyone like him...erm.. grey days....cliff Bush... but more so Rumsfeld the fascist....poor music
 and film....bad hash and skunk weed..............probably loads more too but
 i dont have time...............!
 The most embarrassing moment in your life?
 too many to name
 What would your last words be?
 i love you all............. haha
 What music would you have playing at your funeral?
 the ying tong song by the goons...and then 'in the
 mood'-glenn miller.
 Which question did you always want to be asked during an interview?
 about a third of these!!!!!
 the ones i never answered.................or the raquel welch
 girlfriend will slap me....

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