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Questionary with Andy

What did you want to grow up to be?
 Guitar playing race driver.
 What were you like at school?
 Quiet but cunning.  A good balance of doing what I’m told and joking around.
 Your childhood hero?
 Nuno Bettencourt…..(a guitarist)
 What was the first record you ever bought?
 Hmmm I think it was the James Bond theme, Living Daylights. Why? I don’t know.
 What was the first concert you went to?
 My dads gigs………then Dire Straits……and my first proper loud ear bursting one would be Extreme (19:30 Saturday 16th November 1991 Birmingham NEC Block 14 Seat N102)
 Your first band?
 A school duo called ‘The Molecular Constructions’
 Your first time: What was her name? How was it?
 Your first car (that you paid for yourself)?
 MG metro.  Started off white then quickly turned brown with rust.
 Which person do you never want to meet again?
 The ex army bloke that was our PE teacher at school.  Or a complete total tw*t I met once called Rikki.
 Which natural gift or talent would you like to have?
 Snooker or football would be quite nice.
 Your favourite pastime?
 Beating my buddy at an old Atari football game called KickOff2 and Ultimate Frisbee when it’s warm or indoors.
 Your favourite colours?
 Blue…..and the shade of brown of a Taylor Koa acoustic guitar I spied recently… day!
 What was your biggest mistake?
 Thinking I’d put someone on hold on the phone when I hadn’t…..or similarly chatting whilst waiting on a phone call having not noticed their voicemail had kicked in 5 mins ago.
 What is your favourite method of wasting time?
 Do you rather have 500 or 5,000 sound carriers at home?
 What would you describe as the most personal object in your flat?
 A picture of my old cat.
 What calms you down the most?
 Stroking a cat
 Where do you get your energy from?
 The sun
 When was the last time you cried and why?
 Does hayfever count?
 What do you consider to be the worst thing that could ever befall you?
 To go blind
 Where would you like to live?
 In a nice house that is all paid for with a fridge of fresh food that doesn’t go off.
 What is home for you?
 A Sunday sat at the parents dining table with knife and fork at the ready.
 What would paradise on earth be for you?
 Right now, a magical land where the village folk do their own washing up.
 Which mistakes are you willing to forgive most readily?
 Tripping up – very funny.
 What do you cherish most about your friends?
 That I can talk complete gibberish to them and get gibberish back.
 Your favourite beach?
 Newquay (if it’s warm).
 Your favourite food?
 CHIPS with anything that doesn’t stink of fish.
 The best dish you prepared yourself?
 A fry up that required 3 plates.
 Your favourite drug?
 Hmmmm caffeine has got to be the only one I’d go for…..and I’m not sure that’s doing me any good.
 Your favourite writers / books?
 Gary Larson, The Far Side
 Your favourite character in a novel?
 I don’t really read books (is that bad?!).  If TV counts, George from ‘Seinfeld’, or similarly Larry David as himself in ‘Curb your enthusiasm’.
 Your favourite movies?
 Dumb and dumber, Airplane, Superman 3.
 Your favourite historical figure?
 Do people have such a thing?  I don’t think I do.  The only school history lesson I remember was when they showed the last episode of Blackadder…..or when a kid keeled over with appendicitis.
 What is your favourite line from the Bible?
 The end.
 Can you quote a line from a poem?
 Yes, but not much more than a line.
 Is it “pleasing” to imagine that someone might cry over one of your songs?
 Of course (in fact any indication that I need to check my tuning is appreciated).
 What can you be seduced by?
 What is the worst record that you have been in part responsible for?
 A Bernard Matthews turkey Hot Pops TV ad…booooootiful!  And I was once responsible for selecting ‘Mistletoe and wine’ 5 times in a row on a juke box. 
 Which other occupation other than musician would you consider?
 Some sort of comedy writing thing.
 The high point of your career so far?
 Getting books published.
 And the low point?
 “Hello, technical support, how can I help?”
 Name the 10 most influential records in your life:
 Extreme – Pornograffiti
 Jeff Buckley – Grace
 Damien Rice – O
 Red hot chilli peppers – Blood sugar sex magik
 Reef – Replenish
 Nick Drake – Five leaves left
 Dweezil Zappa – Confessions
 Radiohead – Paranoid Android
 Guns n roses – Appetite for destruction
 Steve Vai – Passion and warfare
 The five best concerts you’ve seen?
 G3, Dream Theatre, John Shuttleworth, Skin, Foo Fighters
 What would be in your room 101?
 Cheery local TV news presenters, people that love themselves, noisy eaters, guitarists, adverts that state things like “you could save….” or “buy 1 get 1 free”, ITV football pundits and the commentator Jonathan Pearce……..
 The most embarrassing moment in your life?
 I’m not digging around for it – it’s been put out of my mind so I can sleep at night.
 What would your last words be?
 I told you I was ill.
 Which question did you always want to be asked during an interview?
 ”May I fetch you some cakes sir?”
 Your secret passion?
 Boxes with flashing lights and buttons and switches and stuff (….maybe not that secret).
 Which living person do you admire the most (and why)?
 Harry Hill, as he makes me chuckle.

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