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Dear all, I would like to keep this as simple as possible.
 It is with very heavy heart I have to inform you that after nearly sixteen years it has been mutually agreed that I part company with the band - we had some incredible times and adventures together that will stay with me forever. I wish them every success.
 It means a lot to me that I have this opportunity to thank all of those among you who have expressed your appreciation of my efforts - from the deepest part of my heart and soul. You really are the best fans any band could have.
 All I would hope is that you always felt that I gave you and my colleagues 100% - I know no other way.
 I wish all of you the very best in whatever you are doing or wherever you find yourselves in life.
 I shall miss you all.
 I shall of course continue to perform and record with my on-going projects and would welcome you with open arms to the 'Soulsec' website or out on the road somewhere, sometime - so, don't be strangers.
 Once again I thank you all with all my heart for your generosity and support over the last fifteen - odd years. We have had some truly awesome times eh??.....please take care.....
 Most sincerely yours,
 Paul xxxx.

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