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Interview with Paul Roberts in December 2006

What were your best moments in 2006?
 leaving the stranglers being with my friends and making music again.
 Worst moments?
 erm as this is from last christmas to this then i will have to say that my car crash is the worst thing by far......but it has created a lot of other interesting scenarios and changed my life again....hooray!!!
 Best films of the year?
 james bond and dead mans chest...i did not see many films this year !!!.....
 Best books?
 ooh well it was not published in the last year but bob dylans chronicles ....absolutely brilliant read
 Best music?
 wayne shorter's newest stuff which continues to expand and punch through the walls of musical possibility - amazing stuff....also liked the razorlight album 'til it was overplayed ... erm guillemots....madaleine peyroux/half the perfect world...beautiful....white stripes/denial twist ...typical brilliant racket
 What was the best event of the year?
 my first six piece swing/jazz show at the exclusive hanbury club
 Something you had planned to and managed to achieve in 2006?
 getting an agent and forming a new band in both the rock and jazz forums....more news soon!!!!!!
 What do you want to achieve in 2007?
 a hit single with my new soulsec and a label deal with my swing/jazz thang!!!!!! more music and more peace and happiness..
 Something you're looking forward to in 2007?
 getting out and gigging .....recording as much music as possible and enjoying my life

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