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Interview with Paul Roberts in March 2006

It's been three years since you were last in the 'studio' with Soulsec. How does it feel recording again?
 Ooooo, it feels luverleeee.......I have a dedicated studio in my new house now, so that is brilliant. We just spend our hours in there two three or four of us - it is very chilled and we are thinking up some well cool stuff in a nice environment. Also I am not really an engineer but I try!!!
 Having a brand new studio takes some getting used to, so it has also been a pain in the arse from time to time - but only the tech stuff – (yawn). My good mate Cenzo Townshend - who engineered and mixed the fab Kaiser Chiefs' hit record - was gonna mix the new single for us, but the schedules clashed and everything got messed up!!!! - Bummer - but he will mix a couple of tracks on the new album, so that will be totally awesome.
 How would you describe 'Desert Soul'?
 It is just another song really... politics/human suffering/bribes /death and lies!!!!
 What inspired the track?
 Desert Soul is my take on how I feel about what is going on in the Middle East generally. I actually have Iraqi friends who agree and disagree with the intervention. It hints at many things - it is almost like the Middle East is vignette of what is happening all over the globe at this point in time.....the lines about creating beautiful worlds and dutiful cells are very pertinent can apply the sentiments to people all over the world in totally different situations but they are all doing their thing to stay alive, gain power or avoid punishment, retribution or suffering in many ways.
 On the intro and outro, one of my friends father’s is actually speaking in one of the old languages from that part of the world...Assyrian is their race - they came from the north of the country.
 How do you decide which of your songs go to the Stranglers & to Soulsec,  and how did you come to chose Desert Soul as your new single? 
 I just write songs you know - give them over and see if they are wanted or not!!!!! Ha-ha
 I have decided not to pigeon-hole anymore as I feel a song is a song and any band should immediately stamp themselves on it - the other thing is that I write many kinds of song - so - you know that some stuff will never make it!!
 So (contrary to my previous comments/observations) that concept is now a non-starter for me - unless something is so obvious you cannot ignore it!!! Is that a contradiction - yes - no - who knows - don't ask me!
 it was kind of chosen for me....we are going through the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq this month and it would seem perfect to accompany that with a tribute to the innocent and their families.... which includes conscientious military personnel.
 Are you hoping to gig with the band this year, Stranglers duties permitting?
 Yes we are trying to put something together as usual!!!!!
 What can we expect from the new Soulsec album?
 Solo performances - songs - may even be a double CD!!!!!!!!!....
 We’re using the legendary 'Chapman Stick' along with a big splash of Fender Rhodes/Wurlitzer at the mo', so you never know......
 It will be a quality release tho' (think in an Indian accent for that last phrase...)
 Let's wait and see shall we.....

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