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Interview with Paul in November 2004

Why did you change the name of the band? What was "wrong" with The Faithband?
 Well originally there was no band just myself. The first CD was called FAITH?
 and after public demand I had to put a band around it and thought that the
 CD title was adequate. It did not bother me at the time and actually I
 thought that it reflected my feelings etc etc however I grew tired of it and
 also the band wanted to call it 'Paul Roberts'.... which I never liked
 although I appreciate my colleagues comments.
 Who chose the name Electrascope? What was the inspiration? What does Electrascope mean?
 The name was my choice and originally it was to be Electroscope but that was
 already in use so I thought an 'a' was a good letter to use
 instead....hahaha.....(also many years ago a guy I knew had  - I thought -
 used the name for his band but have since realised that he had used the name
 with an 'a' too.........confused??.....anyway he folded the band  - a good
 band too - so it really is nothing like a magical inspired tale....just a
 good name).......also I was going to use a 'k' instead of a 'c' in
 'Sophocles'......Elektra - well that is the greek spelling - helped her
 brother kill her mother cause she had killed their father (still with
 us?).......adding the 'scope ' gives us a word that could be construed as 'a
 fucked up view of life'! When you imagine the concept of a band it is an
 ideal but in the end a band is a unit of disfunctional creative people who
 co-exist......I hasten to add however in this band we are very good
 mates........... hahahahaha..........
 Does the change of the name mean that there will be a new direction / focus for the band?
 There is always a new direction for everything so yes of course that will
 happen....I would like us to write as a unit for example and take the five
 members out and use different line-ups at the same gig as well....really use
 everyone to their full potential........
 How did Andy Ellis come to the band? Do you think something will change with him? If so what?
 I met Andy at BIMM ..we did a part-time teaching course together and he
 seemed a nice guy and knew what he was doing he can play electric and
 acoustic.Also he was very into the idea of doing my stuff and showed up at
 my house one day after learning 7 songs...I had to give the guy a chance so
 here we are ..and i think he will be a great asset to us.....also he is an
 former frisbee champ!!!! oh and my dog likes him too!He writes a fair bit and
 is a computer whizz so we now have three engineers in the band........Vinnie
 knows him very well too and was happy when I told him about there
 you big happy family..........
 Will Baz or Bob still play with the band in the future?
 As for Baz and Bob perhaps Baz and i will do shows again but he has his own
 things to do and we may go for something different.....who knows...  Bob and
 I won't be working together again but he is a great guy and we remain
 friends and I also appreciate the work he did with us............
 What are your plans for the near future? Will there be a new album / a tour?
 Currently I am looking at some shows in the UK and Europe but I don't want
 to jump the gun...we have to get used to one another first and I am touring
 with the Stranglers as well but we are all up for it as they say......for me
 it is very watch this space xx

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