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Chat with Paul (Guest 96400) from December 20th 2004

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 [21:04:59] Maaike: what did i do jim?
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 [21:05:14] Ruth: bye paul
 [21:05:14] Julie: Scared him off!!
 [21:05:19] Maaike: maybe you should text paul alex...
 [21:05:27] Guest96201: just for talking it was good
 [21:05:28] Guest96400: WOW HI DEE HI
 [21:05:33] Maaike: julie its nice to see you're awake this time around
 [21:05:39] Guest96201: hello
 [21:05:48] Cheryl: hi everyone
 [21:05:51] Julie: I'd been to the gym before
 [21:05:51] Ruth: Paul?
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 [21:05:59] Guest96400: YES
 [21:06:09] Guest96400: DIS IS WIERD
 [21:06:10] Maaike: to get your adrenaline pumping? dont need that with a pr chat ;-)
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 [21:06:24] Guest96400: EVERYONE OK
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 [21:06:33] Ruth: Great
 [21:06:35] Maaike: 96400...Paul?
 [21:06:37] waltzinblack: Fine thanks
 [21:06:40] Ruth: yes
 [21:06:40] Guest96400: ERM I DO CAPS BUT HAVE NO NAME HAHA
 [21:06:43] Guest96201: he is like me he has a number and is watching
 [21:07:01] Maaike: oh no the rpisoners of the pr chatroom....ahhh
 [21:07:08] Ruth: PJ says to say hi. computer probs
 [21:07:09] Maaike: i liked the movie a lot ;-)
 [21:07:09] Julie: Could be a new band name somewhere there,must be due a change!!
 [21:07:11] Guest96201: we are here
 [21:07:13] Guest96421: Bonsoir.
 [21:07:19] Guest96400: BIT LIKE PRISON YEAH
 [21:07:28] Anthony: Hello Guest 96400
 [21:07:40] Maaike: so hows your hair Paul?
 [21:07:45] Guest96400: HI MATE
 [21:07:50] Guest96400: GOOD TAS
 [21:07:53] Guest96201: guest 96201is jimbo the jock
 [21:07:56] Guest96400: TA I MEAN
 [21:08:05] Guest96400: HI JIMBO
 [21:08:10] waltzinblack: Hi Paul
 [21:08:10] Guest96201: hello
 [21:08:11] Cheryl: Paul, have you recovered from all that touring yet?
 [21:08:21] Guest96201: hi paul
 [21:08:22] Guest96400: ERM NEARLY
 [21:08:29] waltzinblack: How are you?
 [21:08:32] Guest96400: IT WAS EXCELLENT
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 [21:08:34] Julie: Paul, you won't be doing the spelling thing via chat will you?
 [21:08:38] Ruth: Hi Paula
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 [21:08:50] Alex: sorry paul it should work with the name if you try login again.. it was there at first...
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 [21:09:04] Ruth: Hi again Paula
 [21:09:07] Guest96400: NO THE SPELLING IS ON RADIO 2 ON 27TH AT 1 PM
 [21:09:12] any: hello boys and girls ... hatchi
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 [21:09:21] Paula: Hiya Ruth, Cheryl, Maaike et el ;o)
 [21:09:21] Guest96400: NO WORRIES ALEX
 [21:09:22] Maaike: like the tv series..hard spell?
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 [21:09:28] Cheryl: hi Paula
 [21:09:30] Ruth: Is spelling a strong point Paul
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 [21:09:48] Guest96201: thanks for a brill year Paul and merry crimbo to you all JIMBO
 [21:09:56] Guest96400: I AM A GOOD SPELLERRR
 [21:10:02] Ruth: lol
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 [21:10:05] Paula: Is Paul here - can't see his name???
 [21:10:05] waltzinblack: lol
 [21:10:09] Guest96400: WHY THANKS
 [21:10:12] ERIC: I can't beleive it i'm not a number anymore !!!!!
 [21:10:14] any: hi alex :)
 [21:10:14] Ruth: 96400 paula
 [21:10:18] Maaike: paul- 969400
 [21:10:20] Guest96400: IM IN CAPS PAULA#
 [21:10:21] Paula: Thanx Ruth
 [21:10:22] Alex: i was a good speller before i got this laptop ;)
 [21:10:24] Cheryl: Paul, iIs Barnes all five members of the band?
 [21:10:25] Julie: sorry, that was my attempt at a joke!
 [21:10:31] Paula: oOOps so you are ;o)
 [21:10:34] Guest96400: YES AL;L 5
 [21:10:40] Guest96480: hi from holland, thanks for some great music this year!
 [21:10:46] any: Paul, Hi from Martin
 [21:10:48] Guest96201: it has been great to see the strangs back where they belong JIMBO
 [21:10:56] Guest96480: 96480 aka eric
 [21:11:00] Guest96400: IT WILL BE 3 THEN 2 THEN 5....A BIT OF A MIX
 [21:11:01] Paula: Excellent - so will it be semi acoustic - or full band??
 [21:11:11] Maaike: eric who dutch or french one?
 [21:11:15] Cheryl: Sounds good
 [21:11:16] Guest96400: SEMI ACOUSTIC IT IS A JAZZ VENUE
 [21:11:16] Guest96480: me dutch
 [21:11:21] Guest96480: hi maaike
 [21:11:25] Paula: Sounds good to me
 [21:11:32] Ruth: can't wait. can we make a week of it
 [21:11:34] Guest96480: hi anthony (cd in the post today for u)
 [21:11:34] Maaike: when is that again ;-)
 [21:11:38] Alex: hi any ... sorry didn't find the time to reply to your message yet, but will
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 [21:11:54] ERIC: (kurie with perfume???) i don't know what aka means sorry...anyway be welcome...
 [21:11:57] Paula: Will this be the start of anothe tour withSoultec?
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 [21:12:02] Guest96480: also knows as
 [21:12:08] any: no worries, martin will be here as well, he said
 [21:12:12] Ruth: Cavern club, Chinnerys, Esthers....
 [21:12:23] Paula: Yahooooooooooo - keep on Ruth
 [21:12:28] Guest96400: LOVE TO RUTH
 [21:12:32] Guest96201: SCOTLAND
 [21:12:35] Maaike: i cant keep up ;-)
 [21:12:35] ERIC: french one maikee.....
 [21:12:42] Guest96480: bonsoir
 [21:12:46] Paula: Test - do you mean the new player - HHmm whats his name ?
 [21:12:55] Ruth: andy
 [21:12:57] Guest96480: ton vehicule etcetera ;-)
 [21:12:58] Maaike: andy ellis its johns brother ;-)
 [21:13:10] Guest96400: LOVE TO DO SCOTLAND PLEASE
 [21:13:16] Guest96201: hi andy
 [21:13:16] Ruth: you're welcome
 [21:13:16] Paula: Yeah right Maaike
 [21:13:21] Guest96400: NO HE ISNT !!!!
 [21:13:28] Guest96480: why not Holland once more ? :-)
 [21:13:37] Guest96400: WOULD LOVE TO
 [21:13:38] Maaike: i know ;-) just testing if you guys are awake
 [21:13:43] Guest96480: cool
 [21:13:46] Guest96201: anytime mate us jocks always welcomeyou all JIMb
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 [21:13:54] Ruth: hi bazza
 [21:13:56] Guest96480: Bazza Warne??
 [21:14:00] Guest96201: hi bazza
 [21:14:02] Paula: So is that why toyu are testing the water 9so to speak) to see how it works??
 [21:14:07] Ruth: bazza cridland?
 [21:14:08] Guest96400: LOVE SCOTLAND MATE LOVE IT
 [21:14:16] Guest96400: MR CRIDDERS
 [21:14:19] Bazza: Noty that Bazza the good looking one :-)
 [21:14:24] Anthony: Paul - will you be playing much new material?
 [21:14:26] Guest96480: LOL
 [21:14:32] Bazza: Evening all how are you?
 [21:14:35] Paula: Which one is that ;o)
 [21:14:40] Guest96201: I saw youn in glasgow and perth what a gig x2 JIMBO
 [21:14:43] Cheryl: hi baz
 [21:14:47] Paula: Did we meet at SBE?? bAZZA??
 [21:14:48] ERIC: un autre endroit une autre histoire 480.....(smiley qui cligne de l'oeil)...mort de rire
 [21:14:58] waltzinblack: Paul whats your favourite track on self discovery?
 [21:15:22] Ruth: I never did get that drink Baz ;o)
 [21:15:37] Guest96400: OOH.ERM HEAQVEN MAYBE
 [21:15:41] Paula: What jazzed up to match your new name
 [21:15:45] Guest96400: HEAVEN I MEAN
 [21:15:46] waltzinblack: thank you
 [21:15:48] Guest96480: did you even have time to write some new stuff in this busy year guest 06400??
 [21:15:52] Maaike: paul is that you on the glider on one or two of the pics from france?
 [21:15:55] Ruth: Like in the studio?
 [21:16:02] Alex: so much about the spelling paul ;)
 [21:16:06] Guest96400: JAZZED UP NO BUT CHILLED IF U LIOKE
 [21:16:07] Cheryl: Heaven would be great
 [21:16:14] waltzinblack: My mum likes your music Paul she thinks your cool
 [21:16:14] Guest96201: Alright Baz Jimbo from Glasgow
 [21:16:15] any: Paul - great eyes :D
 [21:16:17] Bazza: Yes we did Paula, and Ruth time
 [21:16:26] Paula: Send me a 'postcard' at the same time ;o)
 [21:16:38] Guest96400: I LIKE YPOUR MUM
 [21:16:45] Bazza: Hi ya Jimbo
 [21:16:46] waltzinblack: thanks
 [21:16:46] Guest96400: O SH8T
 [21:17:00] Maaike: Paul is trying out ofr last spot in the spell test ;-) hehe
 [21:17:02] waltzinblack: Im your biggest fan too Paul
 [21:17:03] gf: Is Paul Roberts the mysterious poster CHRISINBLACK???
 [21:17:03] Guest96201: how are ye mucker JIMBO
 [21:17:04] any: how is typing ha ha ha :D
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 [21:17:14] Guest96400: HOW BIG R U
 [21:17:16] Bazza: i mean next time Ruth dih!
 [21:17:20] Guest96201: very
 [21:17:23] Maaike: hey phil hows the pc ?
 [21:17:26] Guest96400: NONO NOT ME
 [21:17:27] Ruth: You have competition waltzinblack
 [21:17:40] waltzinblack: thanks
 [21:17:49] waltzinblack: Massive
 [21:17:52] Guest96400: HAHAAA
 [21:18:10] Maaike: so the glider is that you paul
 [21:18:16] Paula: Will there be ANY 'new' songs @ Barnes??
 [21:18:17] Guest96400: EH
 [21:18:22] waltzinblack: Im getting your DVD too Paul for Xmas and one of your cds
 [21:18:31] Guest96400: NOT 'NEW' NO
 [21:18:42] Guest96400: NICE ONE
 [21:18:43] Cheryl: Paul, how was the Aussie interview the other day - do you know anything about the radio station?
 [21:18:43] waltzinblack: well
 [21:18:45] Ruth: Phil haven't asked about the logos yet
 [21:18:52] Paula: Ta - still sounds good to me though ;o)
 [21:18:53] Guest96400: BEEN ON SAFARI PAULA
 [21:18:56] Julie: Hello Phil, how you doing?
 [21:19:01] Guest96201: Did you film any of the NC tour
 [21:19:08] Guest96400: OH THAT WAS COOL HE LIKES MY STUFF
 [21:19:12] any: Alex - how is typing??? hee hee. friday was great :D
 [21:19:20] Guest96400: NC???
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 [21:19:24] Paula: I was the last 2 times - I thought you arranged these chats on purpose while I was away :o(
 [21:19:26] Ruth: Did Stewy get the cds?
 [21:19:34] Guest96400: YEAH TA
 [21:19:39] Guest96201: the norfolk coast tour
 [21:19:56] Alex: any: friday.. yes... the morning after wasn't though... can't remember feeling theis awful ever
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 [21:20:03] Guest96400: OH RIGHT NO WE NEVER
 [21:20:11] Bazza: Is andy ellis a fulltime member of Soulsec?
 [21:20:13] Guest96400: SHAME REALLY
 [21:20:15] Paula: I blame Ruth
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 [21:20:19] Guest96400: YES HE IS
 [21:20:21] Guest96201: it would have been a good one
 [21:20:22] any: Alex - must be the party :D
 [21:20:25] gf: Did u know The Stranglers were voted 4th best band in France?
 [21:20:41] Guest96400: REALLY WHGEE
 [21:20:41] Ruth: Thanks Paula. Maybe that's why I got the sack ;o))))
 [21:20:47] Guest96400: WHERE I MEAN
 [21:20:48] Guest96201: and they deserve to 1 in my book
 [21:20:56] Paula: Nooooooooo - we still luv 'ya ;o))
 [21:20:58] Maaike: wo are the other 3 then? faithband, electrasope and soulsec? haha
 [21:21:00] any: Alex - it was great to see you
 [21:21:01] Guest96400: WHGEE ANY DEFINITIONS?
 [21:21:02] waltzinblack: Whos your favourite singer Paul?
 [21:21:12] ERIC: merde il m'a piqué mon unique question...
 [21:21:42] Guest96400: PAUL ROGERS OF FREE
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 [21:21:53] Guest96400: ERIC YO
 [21:21:53] waltzinblack: Cool
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 [21:22:06] Alex: paul: what did you do with your trousers after france ? ;)
 [21:22:06] Guest96201: WEll must go to work now Paul and Baz and all have a great cristmas and new year 2005 lets have mor of the same JIMBO
 [21:22:15] Guest96400: MNSR DOCHEZ??
 [21:22:18] gf: Rock and Folk magazine
 [21:22:21] waltzinblack: Happy Xmas Paul
 [21:22:21] ERIC: yo paul !!
 [21:22:30] Paula: Were you overwhelmed with how well NC went around the globe??
 [21:22:33] Guest96400: THANKYUO
 [21:22:38] Guest96400: YOU OH
 [21:22:51] Guest96400: ERM I SPLIT THEM AND TOOK A PHOTO
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 [21:22:53] any: sold them
 [21:23:06] Ruth: I'd like a little less Strangs and a lot more Soulsec
 [21:23:11] Guest96400: IN FACT I SPLIT THEM IN ALL DAY AT NICE
 [21:23:29] Julie: It didn't make it to the gallery then?
 [21:23:37] gf:
 [21:23:39] Ruth: Shame
 [21:23:45] Guest96400: ERM IT WAS VERY EXCITING
 [21:23:52] stfcfan: Paul (not PR) here in Denver...When are you going to drag the Stranglers out to Denver ? Costing me a fortune going back to the UK in the hope of a gig !
 [21:23:54] Cheryl: Paul, nice to see from the photos that the beige Rip Curl came in useful after all ;-)
 [21:23:55] Guest96400: NC THAT IS
 [21:23:57] Bazza: When will you be doing electric Soulsec dates?
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 [21:24:18] Guest96400: LOVE TO COME OVER TO DENVER MAN
 [21:24:31] Ruth: Any new releases on the horizon Paul?
 [21:24:33] Maaike: maybe next tour?
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 [21:24:48] Guest96400: FOR ME MAYBE
 [21:24:53] any: Alex - you are very quiet :D
 [21:25:04] Ruth: Soulsec new releases I mean
 [21:25:05] Guest96400: A SINGLE BUT NOT FOR A MINUTE
 [21:25:06] Guest96651: lost connection just now! arrrgghh
 [21:25:10] gf: check the link for a scan of stranglers voted no 4 band in France
 [21:25:12] ERIC: gf ? quaisse Cé qu'c'nom à la con (lol)
 [21:25:22] Guest96400: COOL WHAT IS IT
 [21:25:30] Ruth: I like to keep you busy. Don't want you getting bored
 [21:25:30] Guest96651: why talk french in here? why not dutch :-D
 [21:25:39] Guest96651: n'est ce pas?
 [21:25:39] any: or german
 [21:25:45] Guest96651: ach so
 [21:25:46] waltzinblack: Whats your favourite record of the Stranglers so far Paul?
 [21:25:51] Ruth: double dutch
 [21:25:52] Alex: any trying to finish my lecture besides chatting... research bout serial killers.. nothing for a quiet evening
 [21:25:52] Paula: I'd be lost if you did that !
 [21:25:53] Maaike: paul what will you be doing for xmas and your birthday..any wishes for gifts ;-)
 [21:25:53] Guest96400: WHY NOT URDU
 [21:25:59] gf: rock and folk magazine!!
 [21:26:09] any: Alex - :D
 [21:26:12] ERIC: and why should I do any effort where you are not abble to register corectly (lol)....
 [21:26:16] Guest96400: BLACK AND WHITE
 [21:26:19] Guest96651: best magazine of the world
 [21:26:23] waltzinblack: Cool
 [21:26:28] Guest96651: excuesex moi eric :-)
 [21:26:33] Ruth: Serial killers...I'd have nightmares
 [21:26:36] Paula: What you want B&W for your Birthday ;o)
 [21:26:38] Guest96400: STILL WAITING BY THE DOOR MAAIKE
 [21:26:38] Guest96651: excusez that is
 [21:26:47] Guest96651: my typing is worse than pauls
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 [21:26:50] Bazza: Football still at 0-0
 [21:26:59] stfcfan: What footie ?
 [21:27:04] Ruth: Give us time
 [21:27:04] ERIC: 651 I knowyou have the same first name as me.....(hi mate !)
 [21:27:08] Guest96400: NONO PAULA
 [21:27:11] Paula: Itotally lost here - Dohhhh
 [21:27:12] Guest96651: lol hi
 [21:27:13] Ruth: Fulham v Charlton
 [21:27:14] Alex: ruth: after reading 100 reports it all becomes one big blur
 [21:27:17] Bazza: Charlton V Fulham
 [21:27:27] Guest96400: 2-0 FFC
 [21:27:33] Guest96400: ERIC CA VA??
 [21:27:34] Ruth: At least
 [21:27:34] Julie: Paula you're not the only one!
 [21:27:36] stfcfan: In your dreams !
 [21:27:40] any says to you: hello??
 [21:27:45] Paula: Glad to hear that Julie
 [21:27:45] Guest96651: Whats your wish for 2005 Paul?
 [21:27:47] waltzinblack: Whats your favourite track on the Days of View DVD Paul?
 [21:27:56] Maaike: we cant do one webchat without footie eh?
 [21:28:01] Guest96400: ERM HITS HITS HITS
 [21:28:11] any: shit popup blocker
 [21:28:12] Ruth: Julie have you recovered from SBE and the night out in the car park
 [21:28:14] Guest96651: that makes sense
 [21:28:21] Guest96400: TO 96651
 [21:28:34] Paula: I was knackered the next day - covered in bruises
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 [21:28:40] Guest96651: dont worry we'll be buying
 [21:28:45] stfcfan: Try moving to a record label that will promote your stuff then !! EMI were shockers with BTC & LBV. We did our best, but....
 [21:28:46] Guest96400: DID U HAVE FUN AT SBE
 [21:28:47] Cheryl: I'm sure he wishes that he's coming back to Oz .....and I do too :-).
 [21:29:00] ERIC: of course Paul ...yep I'm fine....thanks for those 4 splendid gigs here !!!
 [21:29:00] Paula: IT WAS ROUGH
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 [21:29:05] Rapid-Chat System: any joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:29:06] Guest96400: MANY THANKS STEFAN
 [21:29:06] Ruth: What I saw of it
 [21:29:07] Julie: Ruth, thats sounds funny!! I thought you wanted to keep it quiet!!
 [21:29:07] Maaike: CHERYL ARE YOU IN THE UK YET?
 [21:29:10] Alex: SBE was brilliant... still have some bruises i think ;)
 [21:29:14] Guest96400: IT IS OUT OF HANDS
 [21:29:16] Maaike: oops sorry about the caps
 [21:29:16] Cheryl: yes M
 [21:29:30] Maaike: for how long C?
 [21:29:31] Guest96400: MMMMMMISS B FLAT CAP
 [21:29:41] Paula: We know that - but there were some real bully boys there that night!
 [21:29:44] Ruth: The car park bit was funny. The first aid room wasn't ;o((
 [21:29:45] Maaike: thats my new stage name ;-)
 [21:29:45] Cheryl: 5 weeks M
 [21:29:53] Guest96400: STTFAN WERE U AT SBE
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 [21:30:15] Maaike: first aid why?
 [21:30:23] Guest96400: CHEERS TO MARTIN TOO I WILL CALL HIM
 [21:30:39] stfcfan: Only 'virtually' (snigger)
 [21:30:46] Paula: It was rough and a few people were coming over faint - inc Ruth ;o(
 [21:30:47] any says to you: now it works
 [21:30:50] Guest96400: CAR PARK THAT TELLS GAGS EH
 [21:30:51] Ruth: Will you be at Southampton on Thurs Cheryl?
 [21:31:02] Cheryl: yes Ruth
 [21:31:08] Maaike: me too I played a record and fatasized about paul ;-)
 [21:31:12] Guest96400: DID U GET THAT ANY
 [21:31:12] Alex: paul: martin followed your lead on doing drastic hair
 [21:31:16] Paula: Southampton................... you kept that quiet Ruth ;o(
 [21:31:17] Ruth: See you there then. We can catch up
 [21:31:18] any: Paul - yeah right :D
 [21:31:19] Cheryl: welll, hopefully - if it doesn't snow
 [21:31:32] Ruth: La Vida Paula. Fancy it?
 [21:31:49] any: Alex - dont tell him... maybe martin goes blonde soon :D
 [21:31:51] Paula: What time?? I'm still at work until Xmas Eve
 [21:32:04] Rapid-Chat System: Al joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:32:05] Cheryl: I promise not to book the hotel Paula ;-)
 [21:32:10] Ruth: They go on about 9.30
 [21:32:12] Paula: Ha Ha Ha
 [21:32:17] Guest96400: DO WE
 [21:32:23] Maaike: Paul did you ever get your bands mixed up? like you rehearsed some la vida songs and ended up on stage with faithabnd?
 [21:32:28] Ruth: Or later!
 [21:32:30] any: Paul - what?
 [21:32:32] Guest96400: HAHAHAHAHAHA
 [21:32:44] Guest96400: WHAT
 [21:32:55] Paula: Doubt I'd make it - too much of a rush from owrk etc...
 [21:33:07] Paula: ooops work
 [21:33:17] Ruth: Can't take the pace, eh?????
 [21:33:34] Guest96400: R U NOT AT THE GAME THEN RUTH
 [21:33:46] Guest96400: SORRY FOOTIE
 [21:33:47] Paula: Too old - knackered after work Xmas do on FRIDAY - can't keep pace anymore ;o(
 [21:34:07] Paula: Yes - she's got laptop haven't you Rith?
 [21:34:10] Ruth: No. Just as well, we just went 1-0 down
 [21:34:25] Rapid-Chat System: User Al leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:34:27] stfcfan: Very difficult to make out whats going on here...anyway....1. Is a US tour likely to happen ? 2. When will a DVD be released ? 3. Is the next album going to have the same sound as NC ? 4. Will Swindon Town ever win another match ?
 [21:34:33] any: alex - its the 17th soon ... keep on dancing
 [21:34:39] Maaike: im still young and i cant keep the pace of this chat anymore either paula :-P
 [21:34:40] Paula: Paul what IS your secret to so much energy??
 [21:34:53] Guest96400: US TOUR TALK ONLY
 [21:34:54] Paula: to *having* so much energy?
 [21:35:00] Guest96400: DVD DUNNO
 [21:35:09] Guest96400: BETTER THAN NC
 [21:35:12] Guest96400: AND NO
 [21:35:18] stfcfan: Bugger !
 [21:35:23] Rapid-Chat System: Guest96768 joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:35:23] Guest96400: SWINDON ARE 8888
 [21:35:31] Guest96400: BUT HAVE FAITH OOER
 [21:35:41] Maaike: the faith world tour?
 [21:35:52] Alex: any: didn't dare to call me fool ;)
 [21:35:53] Guest96400: ERM MY MUM I THINK SHE NEVER STOPS
 [21:35:56] Maaike: need any sound (wo)men?
 [21:36:03] Paula: Why *did* you change the name of the band?
 [21:36:06] Ruth: Paul, have you decided on a logo yet. PJ talks about nothing else
 [21:36:11] any: alex - :D
 [21:36:16] Guest96768: Hello
 [21:36:18] Cheryl: Why didn't the band like the Faithband name?
 [21:36:26] gf: It would be criminal if the recent tour was not saved for posterity on DVD. The Strang are better live now than they've been for many a year
 [21:36:30] Ruth: We liked it
 [21:36:36] Julie: Us Mum's we have no choice!
 [21:36:37] Guest96400: THANK YOU GF
 [21:36:52] gf: No! Thank You!!
 [21:36:53] Paula: We certainly did - wht does SOultec mean?? Any reason for the name??
 [21:37:00] Guest96400: CON-VENI-ENT
 [21:37:02] Rapid-Chat System: Al joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:37:17] Guest96400: SORRY BUT I HAD TO
 [21:37:18] Guest96651: How about a COVENIENT Convention in 2005?
 [21:37:21] Paula: Ehhh???
 [21:37:25] ERIC: And what about a new convention Paul ??? (in france of course..ermmm)
 [21:37:26] Guest96400: THE OTHERS WANTED PAUL ROBERTS
 [21:37:33] Guest96651: I said that Eric :-D
 [21:37:34] Ruth: This is more important than the football.....but only just!
 [21:37:37] Paula: And you didn't? why??
 [21:37:45] Guest96651: same name same thoughts
 [21:37:52] Guest96400: ERRM I DONT LIKE MY NAME
 [21:37:53] Guest96768: Paul My mum and me both like Sinister have you ever tried this track with your own band?
 [21:38:01] Paula: Nothing wrong with that
 [21:38:11] Paula: WE LOVE IT ;O)))
 [21:38:11] Maaike: i liked the paul roberts band very handy and clear :-)
 [21:38:13] Guest96400: YES
 [21:38:17] Guest96651: my mums sinister sometimes
 [21:38:24] Guest96768: Cool
 [21:38:28] stfcfan: Heard that
 [21:38:28] Guest96400: THANKS PAULA
 [21:38:34] Cheryl: Faithband sinister is just as good if not better
 [21:38:34] stfcfan: Oops
 [21:38:39] ERIC: Oops sorry 651......but it's a little bit "quick" for me tonight...U now...
 [21:38:42] Maaike: i suggested the lambournghinis ;-)
 [21:38:47] Guest96400: WHATS O)586
 [21:38:48] Guest96651: yes i understand
 [21:38:48] Alex: better cheryl
 [21:38:59] Guest96400: NO O)))
 [21:39:01] Paula: True Cheryl
 [21:39:07] stfcfan: Heard that Mine All Mine sounded very different originally. What made you change it ?
 [21:39:08] Rapid-Chat System: User Al leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:39:17] Guest96400: THE HALFS WAS ONE CONTENDER
 [21:39:24] Rapid-Chat System: ric joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:39:43] Paula: What as a name?? (The Halfs)??
 [21:39:47] Cheryl: The halfs - for a name you mean?
 [21:39:55] Guest96400: THE PRODUCERS THAT IS
 [21:40:00] Guest96651: too bad
 [21:40:02] Guest96400: WE LOVE THE ORIGINAL
 [21:40:08] Rapid-Chat System: Guest96815 joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:40:09] Ruth: They certainly didn't. Live is 1000 times better
 [21:40:09] Guest96651: i LOVe it live, the songs a real grower
 [21:40:10] Guest96400: YES C
 [21:40:10] Paula: As a name - or have we changed topic?
 [21:40:14] gf: Any left over tracks or b side from the NC session
 [21:40:35] Guest96400: IT MAKES MORE SENSE LYRICALLY
 [21:40:43] Guest96400: YES
 [21:40:50] Cheryl: Dare I ask why?
 [21:40:54] Guest96400: ERM YES STEFF
 [21:40:56] Anthony: why not release the demo or a live version somewhere?
 [21:40:58] Guest96400: YES PAULA
 [21:40:58] Guest96768: Paul what is your favourite track on NC
 [21:41:00] Guest96651: whats is in your opinion the wordt track you ever did?
 [21:41:03] Guest96651: worst
 [21:41:07] Paula: I prefer Mine All Mine with the FaithBand / Soultec ...
 [21:41:13] Guest96400: WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT
 [21:41:23] Rapid-Chat System: BigSteve joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:41:25] gf: Was that yes to me?
 [21:41:31] Maaike: i never heard mine all mine with any other incarnation :-(
 [21:41:36] Ruth: I prefer everything with Soulsec
 [21:41:38] Guest96400: OOHERM WITH THE STRANGS
 [21:41:42] any says to you: Im off, feel shit ... see you soon
 [21:41:52] Guest96768: Yes
 [21:41:58] Alex: bye any.. get better
 [21:42:14] Guest96400: YES GF ERM768 LET ME THINK
 [21:42:15] Rapid-Chat System: User Guest96815 leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:42:16] Paula: You'd love it M
 [21:42:22] any: thanks... MERRY XMAS TO EVERYBODY
 [21:42:32] Cheryl: Merry any
 [21:42:35] Guest96400: GRAND CANYON
 [21:42:45] Cheryl: I've been there
 [21:42:46] Paula: I love that song ;o)
 [21:42:49] gf: R U gonna give away any song title names???
 [21:42:49] Guest96400: MERRY CHRISTMAS
 [21:43:01] Guest96400: SORRY
 [21:43:02] Paula: I'd LOVE to go there - still haven't seen your piccies Cheryl ;o(
 [21:43:08] Maaike: oh yeah how was your hils cheryl?
 [21:43:16] Cheryl: No, noooo don't tell us. I prefer surprises.
 [21:43:26] stfcfan: Back to SBE: Were you sloshed before the gig started ?
 [21:43:27] Rapid-Chat System: User any leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:43:27] Ruth: Thanks for the post this morning Paul
 [21:43:40] Guest96400: U R WELCOME
 [21:43:57] Guest96400: ME SLOSHED AT A GIG
 [21:44:01] Ruth: What about these logos???
 [21:44:01] Alex: paul what are your plans for 2005?
 [21:44:06] stfcfan: Not meant in a nasty way...its just that you sounded very happy
 [21:44:13] Maaike: i didnt get any post on all my cards to day...
 [21:44:18] Ruth: He's always very happy
 [21:44:19] Guest96400: NO NO NO WORRIESMATE
 [21:44:25] stfcfan: Laughing at the crowd etc
 [21:44:31] Guest96400: NOT AT ALL I LOVE LIFE MATE
 [21:44:47] Cheryl: end of 13 months of touring stfcfan
 [21:44:50] Guest96400: NOT OFFENDED AT ALL.....
 [21:44:50] Paula: Is Brighton treating you well?
 [21:45:00] Guest96400: I LOVE IT
 [21:45:00] Ruth: He loves us don't you Paul?
 [21:45:06] Cheryl: Mo must have missed you
 [21:45:09] Guest96400: OF COURSE XXXXXXXX
 [21:45:13] Paula: Great this time of year - no daytrippers!
 [21:45:18] stfcfan: Heard that mr burnel appeared to get a bit pissed off with all the 'oooohs' at your percussive dexterity !!!
 [21:45:23] Guest96400: HE DID HE IS HERE RIGHT NOW
 [21:45:33] Ruth: Hi Moe
 [21:45:33] Guest96768: WHERE
 [21:45:47] Guest96400: YES MOE
 [21:45:52] Paula: Hope you've bought him his Xmas pressie ;o_
 [21:45:58] Guest96400: I DUNNO STEFF WHERE U HEAR THAT
 [21:46:11] Guest96400: HE IS TOTALLY SPOILT
 [21:46:19] Paula: (Moe that is - not JJB)
 [21:46:19] Maaike: stfcfan...huh?
 [21:46:25] gf: What do you think of people uploading live mp3's onto the internet
 [21:46:32] Guest96400: HAHA
 [21:46:37] stfcfan: From someone at the front who said that he told a few people to go forth and multiply
 [21:46:50] Guest96400: HAHAHA
 [21:47:14] Paula: Eric - I think Paul meant Moe was here (not JJ)
 [21:47:14] Ruth: Not JJ, Moe
 [21:47:16] Alex: eric calm down everything will be alright ;)
 [21:47:28] Bazza: lol
 [21:47:31] Cheryl: Why is eric green?
 [21:47:41] stfcfan: all those frogs legs !
 [21:47:42] ERIC: thanks girls....thanks (sigh)
 [21:47:46] Paula: With envy ;o)
 [21:47:50] Maaike: cos he's french?
 [21:47:56] Alex: cheryl name registered because it didn't work for him
 [21:48:00] Paula: Soooo... thats racist ;o)
 [21:48:26] Julie: Eric, ask Paul nicely, he can do french (un peu)!
 [21:48:29] Rapid-Chat System: User BigSteve leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:48:38] Maaike: nop just a record;-)
 [21:48:41] Ruth: Logos?
 [21:49:04] Ruth: I've been told to nag
 [21:49:19] stfcfan: We didnt hear what PR thought about people uploading live gig mp3s to t'internet ?
 [21:49:21] Maaike: bonsoir je máppelle paul je suis le singer du stranglers ;-)
 [21:49:22] Paula: How about a shape (of a soul) whatever that looks like with......... something 'technical'
 [21:49:32] Paula: I won't give up my day job ;o(
 [21:49:37] Ruth: lol
 [21:49:37] Rapid-Chat System: BigSteve joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:49:43] Guest96651: des stranglers?
 [21:49:48] Guest96651: ;-
 [21:49:49] ERIC: really ? maybe we'll here one song i'm waiting for on the next (unbeleivable) franch tour???
 [21:49:49] Bazza: i'vs gotta go now have a great safe Christmas everyone
 [21:49:58] Bazza: Paull have a good Birthday
 [21:50:03] Paula: See you Bazza - Merry Xmas
 [21:50:03] Guest96400: HAHA
 [21:50:06] Guest96768: same too you
 [21:50:11] Guest96400: THANKS BAZZA
 [21:50:14] Ruth: See ya Bazza
 [21:50:19] Julie: Bye Bazza
 [21:50:29] Cheryl: bye bazza
 [21:50:30] Maaike: paul when you coming tohalland ?
 [21:50:37] Bazza: Ned to spk to you about a Soulsec gig i have an idea
 [21:50:41] stfcfan: Ooops...was that Bazza Mr Warne or Spooner ?
 [21:50:43] Ruth: Where's Halland
 [21:50:52] Ruth: Email me Bazza
 [21:50:53] Maaike: here
 [21:50:54] Bazza: Mr Cridders
 [21:50:54] Paula: Spooner (I think)
 [21:50:56] Cheryl: neither
 [21:50:59] Guest96400: TOHALLAND MMMM
 [21:51:06] Bazza: will do Ruth
 [21:51:10] Paula: Opps say hi to the wife then Baz ;o))
 [21:51:20] Guest96400: COOL BZZA
 [21:51:28] Guest96400: BAZZA
 [21:51:35] Guest96768: Paul when you Coming to Manchester again?
 [21:51:50] Guest96400: OOH DUNNO
 [21:51:53] Paula: When are you coming to Harlesden again ;o)))))
 [21:51:53] Bazza: lol i will Paula shes here laughting she said to say hello
 [21:51:57] Ruth: Got anywhere in mind 96768
 [21:52:02] Julie: What about Kings Lynn corn exchange? Ruth, you could stay here!
 [21:52:02] stfcfan: What made you do a Billy Idol ?
 [21:52:05] Maaike: Paul whats the thought behined the fluashing the toliet pics?
 [21:52:06] Guest96400: HAHHA
 [21:52:06] Paula: I love her too ;o))
 [21:52:09] Bazza: See ya
 [21:52:10] Alex: paul: guess which is the most seen picture on the page
 [21:52:12] Rapid-Chat System: User Bazza leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:52:22] Guest96400: HOWS YA MA PAULA XXXX FOR HER
 [21:52:32] gf: Do u still keep in tough with John Ellis?
 [21:52:38] Paula: Thanks xxxx to yours ;o)
 [21:52:42] Guest96400: IT WAS A LAUGH WITH THE CREW STEF
 [21:52:43] gf: touch
 [21:52:55] Guest96400: NO GF
 [21:52:56] Rapid-Chat System: User waltzinblack leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:52:56] Rapid-Chat System: Gast96940 joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:52:57] Rapid-Chat System: User BigSteve leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:53:01] Cheryl: Paul why did you travel with the crew?
 [21:53:14] Guest96400: COS I LOVE EM AND WE PARTY V WELL
 [21:53:40] Ruth: I heard about the spa in Iceland. No shorts!
 [21:53:42] gf: Have u heard Beyond Ellisian Fields?
 [21:53:52] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 changed the text-color to #FF0040.
 [21:53:54] Julie: Sounds great, how big are your cases?
 [21:53:55] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 changed the text-color to #FF0040.
 [21:53:56] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 changed the text-color to #FF0040.
 [21:53:58] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 changed the text-color to #FF0040.
 [21:53:58] Guest96400: THAT WAS FUN BUT MY KARAOKE WAS BEST
 [21:53:59] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 changed the text-color to #FF1040.
 [21:54:00] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 changed the text-color to #FF4040.
 [21:54:03] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 changed the text-color to #FF0040.
 [21:54:04] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 changed the text-color to #FF0040.
 [21:54:13] Guest96400: NO
 [21:54:14] Ruth: Do tell
 [21:54:15] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96940 leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:54:15] Rapid-Chat System: Gast96949 joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:54:20] Guest96400: NOT HEARD IT
 [21:54:23] Alex: help
 [21:54:27] Maaike: why the toilet flushing paul?
 [21:54:35] Guest96400: ASK BAZ OR ANY CREW
 [21:54:37] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast96949 is now known as BigSteve
 [21:54:42] Guest96400: WHAT TOILET
 [21:54:47] Guest96768: I have to go now
 [21:54:56] Paula: What ARE you talking about M - Tolilets / flushing???
 [21:54:59] Guest96400: CU HAPPY CHRISTMAS
 [21:55:09] Rapid-Chat System: User BigSteve changed the text-color to #FF0020.
 [21:55:12] Rapid-Chat System: User BigSteve changed the text-color to #F00020.
 [21:55:13] Rapid-Chat System: User BigSteve changed the text-color to #FF0020.
 [21:55:22] Guest96768: Same to you Paul Happy Xmas
 [21:55:29] gf: Do you ever frequent any of the Stranglers message boards
 [21:55:31] stfcfan: Is that BigSteve from Bussage ?
 [21:55:35] Julie: Paul, how often do you check out the web site?
 [21:55:35] Maaike: in ten years time will you be telling stories about the tour in 2004 and say ah yeahtoulose with the nice green toilets?
 [21:55:38] Rapid-Chat System: User Guest96768 leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:55:47] BigSteve: Sure is!
 [21:55:52] Guest96400: NEVER GO ON MESSAGE BOARDS
 [21:56:04] Guest96400: DONT GO ON SITE EITHER REALLY
 [21:56:07] Paula: Only your own?
 [21:56:28] Ruth: Will there be a site Xmas pressie this year Paul?
 [21:56:29] stfcfan: Ah ha ! Say hello to the wife and family for me
 [21:56:35] Paula: Have we got a Xmas pressie this year??
 [21:56:39] Paula: 'snap'
 [21:56:52] BigSteve: Will do - you all set for Xmas
 [21:56:55] ERIC: Message for Paul (if I can talk to : Thanks for your review here...the pictures (it was very cool) your words in boulogne....(cool guy you are) your work with the band ....a,d the pleasure you gave us (with a few friends ) during 4 gigs this year..!
 [21:56:56] Guest96400: U TOO STEFF HAPPY THINGY
 [21:57:07] Guest96400: YES RUTH NOT MUSICAL THOP
 [21:57:11] Guest96400: THO
 [21:57:15] gf:
 [21:57:17] Ruth: Cool
 [21:57:22] Cheryl: Will you finish the tour diary Paul?
 [21:57:25] gf: Remember this link
 [21:57:29] Maaike: not musical...hysterical?
 [21:57:32] Guest96400: HI STEVE TROUBLE GETTING ON MATE
 [21:57:50] Ruth: 1-0 down at half time :O(((((((
 [21:57:50] stfcfan: Nearly...lost ur email address...send me a mail at
 [21:57:51] Guest96400: OH YES C THOUGHT I HAD
 [21:58:03] stfcfan: And if the rest of you buggers spam me I'll cry !!!!!
 [21:58:13] Cheryl: Maybe I missed the end bit then
 [21:58:38] Guest96400: NO I WILL FINISH IT TOMORROW
 [21:59:04] Maaike: will you be taking this many pix from now on on all tours paul? they're good fun
 [21:59:10] Cheryl: Thanks. I loved the Oz part in particular
 [21:59:15] Paula: You must have been pleased to get home after such a long tour
 [21:59:20] Maaike: i like the invisipaul and the wide eyed paul much
 [21:59:21] ERIC: "gf" pose quand même les meilleures questions (largement meilleures que les miennes d'ailleurs...)
 [21:59:22] Guest96400: YES M
 [21:59:31] Guest96651: u too paul thanks
 [21:59:32] Guest96400: YES P
 [21:59:35] Ruth: I'm gonna have to go soon before I freeze. It'd be warmer at the match
 [21:59:35] Cheryl: Paul, how did you do the 'wide eyed'one?
 [21:59:37] Paula: You must have been pleased to get home after the tour
 [21:59:42] Guest96400: GO INSIDE RUTH
 [21:59:45] Rapid-Chat System: User Paula leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [21:59:45] Rapid-Chat System: Gast97000 joins FAITHBAND.
 [21:59:55] Ruth: I am inside. No heating
 [21:59:59] Julie: Merry christmas, happy birthday and New Year
 [21:59:59] gf: Why not make a follow up to the Parr St Chronicles
 [21:59:59] Guest96400: HAHAHA THAT IS PHOTOT SHOPPED
 [22:00:03] Gast97000: Ooops logged out then - so much for Broadband!
 [22:00:09] stfcfan: PR - b4 u go, wanted to say how good the diary was and to ask if the Strangs set list will ever change ?
 [22:00:12] Guest96400: GOOD IDEA GF
 [22:00:33] Gast97000: Ahhh I-ve lost my name;o(
 [22:00:35] Guest96400: THANKS JULIE
 [22:00:41] Cheryl: Have a loverly Christmas Paul, and have a rest - ready for Jan 17th
 [22:00:44] Alex: paul: looks alienated
 [22:00:51] Ruth: Will you be at Barnes Julie?
 [22:00:58] Guest96400: HAHA STEFF THANKS AND WHO KNOWS!!!!!
 [22:00:58] gf: how about a video Norfolk Coast tour/making of diary!!
 [22:01:01] Gast97000: HAPPY CHRISTMAS, BIRTHDAY & New Year xxxxx
 [22:01:17] Julie: Still trying to sort it out, sheets not good at cousins!!
 [22:01:19] Guest96400: THANK YOU
 [22:01:20] Anthony: Cheers Paul, see you in Jan hopefully. Bye all.
 [22:01:34] Guest96651: c u anthony
 [22:01:39] stfcfan: You'd need a good backdrop for the DVD diary...could I suggest the Rockies ?
 [22:01:45] Guest96400: C U ANTHONY
 [22:01:45] Maaike: paul come tohollland!!!..please
 [22:01:57] Guest96400: GOT U STEFF O
 [22:02:01] Rapid-Chat System: User Gast97000 leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [22:02:04] Ruth: Take your own Julie
 [22:02:07] Guest96400: OK TAKE CARE NOW
 [22:02:09] Julie: Rockies at Hunstanton?!!
 [22:02:12] Rapid-Chat System: Paula joins FAITHBAND.
 [22:02:17] Ruth: See you Thursday Paul
 [22:02:18] Guest96400: BYEEEE XXXXXX
 [22:02:24] Paula: Nite Nite xxxxxxx
 [22:02:25] Cheryl: bye Paul xxx bye everyone - have a great chriwstmas
 [22:02:28] Rapid-Chat System: User Anthony leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [22:02:30] stfcfan: Keep up the good work Mr R
 [22:02:40] Guest96400: XX
 [22:02:42] Alex: bye
 [22:02:45] Paula: Nitexxxxxxxxxxxxx
 [22:02:45] Ruth: XX
 [22:02:46] Guest96400: XX
 [22:02:50] Guest96651: bye
 [22:02:52] gf: Thanks for a great Tour/Album & Webchat Bye Now
 [22:02:55] Maaike: byeeee
 [22:02:58] Rapid-Chat System: User Guest96651 leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [22:02:58] Paula: See you in January Ruth 7 Cheryl
 [22:02:59] Guest96400: THANKYOU XXXXXX
 [22:03:01] Julie: Good idea, how slow am I?
 [22:03:16] Paula: And Paul (of course ;o))
 [22:03:16] Maaike: bye paul
 [22:03:17] Rapid-Chat System: User gf leaves Rapid-Chat.
 [22:03:18] Cheryl: yep see you then paula take care
 [22:03:33] ERIC: Bye Paul.
 [22:03:36] Paula: HAPPY CHRISTMAS - incase we don't sspeak before then
 [22:03:37] Rapid-Chat System: User Guest96400 leaves Rapid-Chat.

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